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Faire: Sælg B2B

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28. maj 2024

Not even 1 star they deserve. We have been on the platform for more then 3 years and suddenly they are targeting our brand is saying we buy products from third party websites. After sending all the evidence and defending the case, Matt at Customer Support is extremely rude and unhelpfull. Afterall the fees are too high for the amount of sales you make on the platform.

Avoid at all costs!!!

Holland (Nederlandene)
4 måneder bruger appen
13. april 2024

I have been a supplier for Faire.com as a Top Shop for over a year. My company is headquartered in the US and is a trademarked brand. I used Alibaba to find a manufacturer who manufactures my customized products. My products are all branded with my trademarked brand and produced at specification only for my company. I have used a manufacturer who has met stringent social compliance regulations, and have worked with a third party company to ensure quality control. Despite this I was recently told that my company cannot be listed on Faire.com anymore. The Faire.com agent compared my brand to buying things off SHEIN and reselling them on Faire.com. Finding a manufacturer on a platform with manufacturers should be allowed! Comparing a trademarked brand with customized inventory that’s has been manufactured at specification and is owned by my company and housed in US warehouses to dropshipping/ reselling things off SHEIN is insanely offensive.

De Novo
7 måneder bruger appen
24. marts 2024

I installed this Shopify application to try to increase my money,
after more than a year after installing it I had an order, a customer wants 80 pairs of sunglasses for a total of €1,500, I shipped the order and FAIRE has never paid me since February 2024 .
At first, they blocked my account on the grounds that I shared sensitive company information with the buyer, which is incomprehensible and impossible.
Subsequently ADYEN their platform asked me for information on my company, identification, IBAN, my identity card, I gave them everything but each time they tell me that something is missing and never validate, never giving me never clear instructions to resolve the problem.
Subsequently, I contacted customer service several times, no one competent to help me resolve the problem, each time the same generic email which does not help and does not advance anything, a certain Roger, stupider than him you die!!
So by harassing them, instead of paying me, they blocked my account, so that I would stop asking them to pay me, FAIRE and ADYEN big ROBBER.
It's clear that it's a small, insignificant company that will soon come to an end.
Shopify doesn't help me, Shopify puts me in contact with this robbers but then takes no responsibility.
It's not €15, €1,500 is not a fortune but I will get everything back, down to the last cent.
From France I am going to file a complaint with the police against the seller, FAIRE and ADYEN.
I don't recommend this platform, there are much better than them, don't waste your time or money,
And thank you again Shopify for doing nothing

Sun Wood Time France
6 måneder bruger appen
5. marts 2024

The catalog sync does not respect whether or not the product is excluded from the Faire channel. This has led to situations where products that we do not sell via wholesale are being synced automatically, including products that CANNOT sync to 3rd party channels like Shopify Bundles, and stuff that is limited to certain Markets.

If you're going to have an app that is a Sales Channel, it needs to actually respect whether the product is enabled for your channel.

The Ugly Cat Studio
3 måneder bruger appen
17. november 2023

Be very wary of using this app. On the advice of Faire, I installed the Faire: Sell Wholesale app. I then went to Faire, and as instructed, clicked on Import from Shopify. I was told that this would just import the SKUs that were on Shopify, but missing from Faire. Instead it duplicated all 384 listings. Faire's very limited product view does not allow sorting by SKU so I could not easily delete the duplicates. I contacted Faire support and they told me the easiest way to sort out the problem was to delete everything and start again. I followed this advice and it was further disaster. The Shopify titles did not fit on Faire, it removed all the Collections and worst of all if deleted all the sales history. I did not get any Faire order for the next four weeks. This App cost me many hours of additional work and hundreds of pounds in lost orders, so be careful!

Cirka 2 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 30. oktober 2023

I was a seller on Faire for a long time, my shop had good reviews but all of a sudden my Faire store got shut down. For a reason that I had resolved instantly, but they didn't reactivated my store. I was deeply hurt as every small business one more chance- and my issue wasn't even a big one. My Faire store had all the 5 star reviews. I still hope to get my store back

3 måneder bruger appen
25. december 2023

Jattend toujours lactivation du compte je contact faire mais personne ne repond.

4 minutter bruger appen