Fancy Descriptions

Fancy Descriptions

by coffeecrater

Take full control over your product and variant descriptions

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Variant Description Editor

Create and add detailed descriptions for your production variations.

Description Switcher

Immediate and responsive switcher to show the current variation description.

Custom Editor Extensions

Style your descriptions using the Fancy Descriptions editor. Add Emojis, Special Characters, Tables and more...

About Fancy Descriptions

Fancy Descriptions

Gain full control over your products descriptions as well as each individual variant and showcase the uniqueness of each product's variant, increasing conversion and reducing customer second guessing.

How it works

  • Edit your product description from within the Fancy Descriptions embedded app
  • Add detailed descriptions to each one of your variants
  • Style and customize your descriptions using the built in editor
  • Save your product
  • No coding experience necessary
  • Live filtering and sorting of products. Search by product name or ID and get results immediately, no loading or waiting in-between searches

Benefits of using Fancy Descriptions

  1. No extra code or modifications to your theme
  2. No shortcodes or hashtags
  3. Eliminate second guessing your variation IDs
  4. Easy to use intuitive user interface
  5. Improve your SEO ranking and search visibility by adding detailed variant descriptions
  6. Increase conversions by eliminating customer doubt
  7. Reduce lengthy descriptions and display to your customers exactly what they are looking for
  8. Powerful tools such as tables and emojis allowing you to create detailed and engaging descriptions for both the main product description and each one of its variants.

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Pricing 5-day free trial

Full Access


  • Edit and update your product and variant descriptions.

  • Save changes to your products.

  • Unlimited product descriptions.

* All charges are billed in USD. Recurring charges, including monthly or usage-based charges, are billed every 30 days.

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