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Fancy Store Locator

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Add Rich Feature store locator for your customers to drive

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A powerful Store Locator app by Design Themes – Use it to drive more customers to your offline stores!

DT - Store Locator gives you the easiest way to display addresses of your physical stores on your Shopify website. You can import all your store locations in just a few clicks and display them stylishly with thumbnails, contact details, Google Maps, navigation directions, distance, and other relevant information.

Store Locator App with outstanding features

  • Easy Search: DT - Store Locator makes it easy for your customers to find your physical retail stores quickly. They can search for the store nearest to them using their current location and filters such as product category.
  • Easy Contact: DT - Store Locator helps you display all contact details of your offline stores. Your customers can contact individual retail stores by using contact forms, phone numbers, and email.
  • Bulk Import: Quickly add images, location details, and contact details of all your offline stores by bulk importing from an excel sheet.
  • Display Distance & Directions: DT - Store Locator can help your customers reach your stores easily by displaying the store's distance and navigation directions.
  • Useful Filters: Your customers can use filters such as category, availability, and tags to find the nearest shop with their desired product.

Other Amazing Features:


  • Quickly add the location and contact details of all your stores.
  • Manage the store locations without any hassle.
  • Easily add and manage essential information such as store address, category, tags, contact info, website, and images.
  • Add Store Category label on store thumbnails.
  • Provide the 'View on Map' option to your customers.
  • Display stores' business hours and off days.
  • Display store images with location details.
  • Add Marker clusters to Google Maps.
  • Customize the store locator's colors and layouts.
  • Customize location list, search box, filters, and map.
  • Create a responsive display of your store locations.
  • Many other useful and advanced features are available.


  • Customers can quickly search for the nearest stores using various criteria.
  • Customers can locate stores based on their current position.
  • View the full list of your stores with a custom pin icon on Google Maps.
  • People can easily filter stores by tags.
  • Customers can search for stores using the distance from their location.
  • Get the address, phone number, and email of every store.
  • View details of business hours, off days, and special events.

Integrates with:

  • DT - Store Locator offers seamless integration with Google Maps API, Quick View on Map.

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  • 1 Store
  • 1 Search Template
  • 1 Single Page Template
  • 1 Listing & Carousel Page Template
  • 1 Map Listing Page
  • Google Local Business Schema



  • All Free Feature for 10 Store & 2 Template
  • Location
  • Business Hours
  • Floor Plan
  • Events
  • Import
  • Media - Images, Videos & Attachment

Standard Plan


  • All Plus Plan Feature for 10 Store & 3 Template
  • Location
  • Business Hours
  • Floor Plan
  • Events
  • Import
  • Media - Images, Videos & Attachment



  • All Standard Plan Feature for Unlimited Store & 5 Template
  • Location
  • Business Hours
  • Floor Plan
  • Events
  • Import
  • Media - Attachment

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