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FAQ Page - add Accordion FAQ to website

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FAQ app to boost sales

Provide your clients with the FAQ answers they are looking for before they asked for them to eliminate any obstacles on the way to purchase

Higher brand awareness

Use Accordion FAQ answers to reveal all the details about your terms and conditions, to achieve better understanding of your business

Lower support time with FAQ

Anticipate the most frequent customer questions to prevent more inquiries to your Support Center with Shopify FAQ app

FAQ Accordion 정보

Using FAQ accordion Shopify you can easily boost your sales by anticipating clients’ questions and eliminating obstacles to purchase on your website. Be proactive and provide answers to the most frequent customer questions to prevent more inquiries to your Support Center.

Customizable and easy-to-use Faq app on Shopify site in a couple of clicks!

We put our best into Shopify FAQ app

  • 1000+ hours of development
  • 10-year experience in web applications development
  • 30+ predefined icons

This Accordion FAQ is for you

  • If you want to boost your sales by answering clients’ questions and eliminating obstacles to purchase
  • If you want to help your clients understand your products, services and conditions better
  • If you want to reduce support time and cost by up to 40%, preventing the most frequent inquiries
  • If you don’t want to spend much time customizing the widget and searching for the best way to display it

Well-structured FAQ Shopify app for easy-to-find answers

The structure of your FAQ is extremely important for perception of the information by readers. Orderly representation helps to navigate between questions and find the needed answers faster. Accordion FAQ for Shopify features single and structured lists to help you place your content in a balanced way.

Display your FAQ app the most user-friendly way

With three predefined layouts, you will find the one that will help the best representation of your content in the way handy for readers. Our app offers List layout showing answers below the questions, Accordion layout, revealing the answer on click, and a Multicolumn variant to divide the content into several columns.

Make it stylish and hit the color concept

Great look is not the least of the factors to make your FAQ attractive for visitors and inspire them to use it. With several templates and diverse paintable elements, you will be able to shape the Shopify FAQ Accordion that will look seamless on your website and engage more visitors.

And many more:

  • Works on any Shopify website
  • Regular live updates
  • Handy editor (no coding required)
  • Premium support
  • Free installation service


Simply start a chat with the Support Center and we will be back with well-qualified assistance really soon. Elfsight Team is here Mon – Fri from 10 am to 7 pm CET. We try to be the best for our clients and aim at getting better!

We are a friendly and trustworthy team with long-time experience. Realizing the common objectives and doing our best for what we do makes us successful. One of our perks is bringing satisfaction with our products to our clients! That’s why you can always rely on us!

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DoggyBathroom Canada

Great app, and great customer service. They are quick and reliable. I recommend this app. They are 5 stars.

Three A Light

An amazing FAQ app!! All the options are straight forward and work great. It's easy to set-up, managing all of the Q&A's is simple and they provide awesome customer service.

It's the perfect FAQ app.

Thank you!

개발자 회신

2020년 1월 27일

Hey there,

Thank you for your kindness and appreciation. We hope you'll have a great user experience! :)


Eazei Store

After trying about 6 different apps, I finally found the right FAQ app. This app does exactly what a FAQ app is supposed to do. Look good, is easy to use and doesn't take loads of time to set up. I love this app and would recommend trying it before any others. It's worth paying for an excellent looking FAQ page..