QBot | FAQ Page & Chatbot

QBot | FAQ Page & Chatbot


Beautiful FAQ Page. Responsive Accordion. Helpful AI Chatbot.

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Beautiful FAQ Page

Impress your customers using a beautiful FAQ page with easy to use accordions and instant search.

Helpful AI Chatbot

Delight your customers by answering their questions directly, guiding them to solutions, or creating support tickets.

Simple, Easy Yet Powerful

No HTML. No CSS. No JS. Just edit the answer templates and get your FAQ page & AI chatbot in seconds.

有關 QBot | FAQ Page & Chatbot

This is an easy way to add a beautiful FAQ page to your store. It also includes an AI chatbot as customer service portal if you want to bring your store to an even higher level.


You get a simple CMS (content management system) so creating, updating, and managing your FAQ entries gets simple and easy.

Answer Templates

We have prepared a list of common questions that your customers may have. By editing the answer templates, you can build your own FAQs quickly.

FAQ Page

A beautiful FAQ page will be automatically added to your Shopify store. You can then add it to your website menu. No HTML/CSS work involved.

Accordion Style

Accordion style is automatically applied to your FAQ page so customers may read through the question list easily.


Display relevant questions instantly while your customers are typing a keyword in search box. Ideal for desktop users.

FAQ button

Allow customers to get their questions answered anytime anywhere, without interrupting shopping process.


Guide customers to the answers they need without requiring them to type anything. Perfect for mobile users.

Instant Q&A

Customers may enter their questions and get answers directly. Optimized for both desktop and mobile.

Email Support

When customers don't find the answers they need, the chatbot asks for their email addresses, creates a support ticket and sends it to your inbox. You can then follow up.

Questions are answered. Customers are satisfied. That's why you should add this app to your store now!

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  • Answer Templates
  • FAQ page
  • Accordion Style


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  • All FREE features
  • Instant search
  • FAQ button
  • Answer Wizard
  • Instant Q&A
  • Email support

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Luxe Moi

When you download the app it is preselected on the paid version. You do not have the option to do the free plan. It wants you to select the paid plan only then give you the option to downgrade.



Thank you for your review. The paid plan is preselected as some features such as QBot widget are only available for paid plan. We hope you can try the full features of QBot during the 14-day free trial. And you can downgrade to the free plan any time. Certainly, we'll make improvement so you can have more options during your trial. Thank you!