Fashion offset with myclimate

Fashion offset with myclimate

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Let your customers offset the true CO2 of their fashion order

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Measure the true CO2 footprint

Instead of a random donation, let your customers offset the actual carbon footprint of each item they order.

Offset into quality projects

Have peace of mind working with myclimate, a Swiss non-profit, investing in certified climate projects.

Install and use with ease

Installing requires just a few clicks, and an informative dashboard lets you follow how you help contribute to climate action.

À propos de Fashion offset with myclimate

About myclimate

myclimate is a Swiss non-profit organization focusing on quality carbon offsetting measures. We offset carbon emissions through climate protection projects and raise awareness of the topic of climate protection.

Who is “Fashion offset with myclimate” app for?

The app is meant for Shopify merchants who sell fashion and clothes online and want to include the option to offset the CO2 emissions of the product.

Getting started

“Fashion offset with myclimate” is easy to install – no need to touch your settings or code.

  1. Select install
  2. Wait for the AI to go through your product
  3. Click Publish

This is how it works

After publishing the app your customers can offset the carbon footprint of their order by ticking a checkbox at checkout.

The correct offsetting amount is then added to their order and you will receive the payments. We charge you with the same amount as part of your subscription.

You can follow the offsetting real-time from your dashboard, showing both the CO2 tons offsetted and their monetary value, as well as the offsetting percentage – reflecting how many of your customers have decided to take climate action.

Using “Fashion offset with myclimate” means a negligible cost for your customer, no cost for you – and a better conscience for both of you. And naturally the biggest winner is our climate.

About our calculations

“Fashion offset with myclimate” carbon footprint calculations are based on myclimate professionals' expertise and a learning algorithm. The algorithm analyses the product descriptions on your store and defines what kind of item the product is (for example a pair of jeans) and what is its main material (for example recycled cotton) to define an accurate carbon footprint of the product.

This is how we offset

We pool all the micro compensations and direct them to climate action projects that adhere to the Gold Standard, CDM and Plan Vivo standards.

As a non-profit we commit to invest at least 80% of the funds directly to the projects, and our small share enables us to run our organization.

Why fashion?

Producing fashion and apparel has a carbon footprint that consists of various sources, like cultivation, harvesting, chemical processes, dyeing, cutting, logistics and so on.

All together the fashion industry is responsible for more CO2 emissions than all international flights and maritime shipping combined. Offsetting even a small fraction of online order will make a big impact for the fight against climate change.

Climate Action is in Fashion!

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Installation gratuite

We collect the funds your customers have paid for offsetting their purchase. We add the charge to your Shopify invoice.

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