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11 de octubre de 2022

Fashion Express has been the worse company I have ever dealt with I rate them 0 starts. The person in charge of my account name is Sandy. I spoke to Sandy about deliver Fee and shipping. At the time I started with Fashion Express there was a fee for shipping. Later that month they decided Free shipping but the prices when super high on there items. Sandy guarantees me shipping will be between 7 to 10 business days. I was like “not bad”. I gave them a try. I place my first order with took 20 days I was not a happy camper. I discuss the issue with Sandy now I’m being told is two weeks because they deliver from China. We also discuss about hangtag and labels. I place the order and let Sandy know that I want them on my cloths when customers order. I pay about 50.00 for both. I decided to give it one more chance place another order, 30 days go by and nothing. I email Sandy and was told they were waiting on my hangtag to be ready and deliver to me. I forward Sandy the email where we discuss it was going to be place on my cloths as customer place their order. Another week go by finally after 40 days I got my order. Very disappointed I email Sandy letting her that I will lose customer if this incident happens again. Meanwhile every time I email Sandy it takes a couple of days for her to reply back. Plus, the order I place they were supposed to refund my money back for a sport bra they didn’t have on my size but in the website, they are fully stock. It been about 6 months never got my money back. My very first customer place an order 1 item a sweater “only 1 item” a week later Sandy email me that they are not sure when they will the deliver the item since there on lock down due to Covid again. Sandy also suggested a refund. I was so up set I lost a costumer and got my refund back in a couple of weeks. Months went by and her we are in September 2022; customer place an order for a pant and top set XLarge. She got her items 17 days later “lost another customer” and it was way too small. Had a tick for XLarge but it was literally small since I try it on and it fit perfect on me and I’m between small and medium. I question Sandy about getting an exchange or a refund and was told they do not exchange or refund any items unless is damage. Hello your shipping and exchange does not have that type of information. I also send her pictures of the item as proof that my labels were never put on the items. I email Sandy 3 days ago no reply still waiting. I requested my hang tag and labels to be ship to me and was told I have to pay 10.00 shipping when they do Free shipping. What I loss was a hand full of customer, my hangtag and Labels that I paid 50.00 and cloths that they refuse to exchange my customer for a bigger size. I don’t recommend them at all there are plenty of drop shipping that are Free and they deliver between 7 days no issues with size or refund. Worse company I have ever dealt with I give them 0 starts.

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