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5. april 2023

Few days of using the app so are. Very easy to use the back end user face, and when I had a support question, I got an email back within 30mins, and my problem was resolved within 5 mins.

Keep up the good work!

AFM Smoke
En dag bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 6. april 2023

Happy to hear that you enjoyed our service!

4. maj 2023

To be frank... u guys have to see what this app can really do.... i have so many other bundle apps n most don even provide half of what they offer...mix and match on collections, mix and match on products, freq bought together and many more...And their support is awesome... very fast responsive and easy to chat....

U just need to startgeize what bundles to use and how to scale along their plan.... I give a 6 star.... :)

Cirka 23 timer bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 6. maj 2023

We give you ALL the stars! :)
Thrilled that you have found everything you wanted in Fast Bundle.

Thank you for your amazing review.

4. maj 2023

Terrible pricing, doesn't make sense, they said they will give discount and never did.
Try to find another app...

24 dage bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 15. maj 2023

Updated response:

Hi again dear Belliancy team,

We are excited to announce that we've changed our pricing model from charging for bundle shows to your bundle sales, which is a much better metric for measuring the contribution of our service.

So, if you're still interested in creating bundle offers, you are more than welcome to re-install the app and get a free setup/demo session for setting up your bundles and make the best out of our service.

Looking forward to hear from you,
Fast Bundle team

First response:

Hi dear people at Belliancy,

We thank you for your feedback. We went through our support messages and found out that our team sent you a discount code to on April 19th. Also, after this review, we have tried to contact Halit from your team but unfortunately, he never heard back.

I thought you might be interested to know that we are about to release a completely new version of pricing that relies on the value we create for our merchants (bundles sales), not the resource it takes from us (bundle shows/views). We deeply believe that merchants must wholeheartedly appreciate the value of the app before they have to pay a penny for it. We are really looking forward to the new pricing to better reflect this approach.

We also believe that we must be supportive of small businesses or newborn entrepreneurs. So, we have considered special promotion plans that merchants can find on If you believe that Fast Bundle has the potential to provide solutions for your bundling requirements, our pricing should be the last thing you worry about and we are open to creating a custom plan for you.

So what now?

If you’re interested in product bundling, you are more than welcome to give our app another shot and contact our support team ( and book a demo/setup session.

Fast Bundle team

19. december 2020

I used this app to recommend product bundles on my site. It was easy to use and the developer responded quickly to my inquires. I recommend!

Ear-Resistible Buttons
27 dage bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 20. december 2020

Dear Ear-Resistible Buttons.

That was good news that your requested customizations worked for you.

By the way, thanks for your kind review. As it was the first review, it was more than just a review. You won our hearts and inspired our team.

Good luck with your cute business.

29. november 2022

Not a good app for new stores as the free plan does not allow sufficient testing. I have only run about 100 people through the store and already I am being asked to update the app to a $45 plan. This is not enough time to evaluate if the amount is worth it. The app works based on bundle views, but since one session can view 10-20 bundles, the app prices rack up very fast. A bundle page, like we used can count to about 10 views. And because we are a new store and testing a lot, most of the views just went on setting the app up and having my test team browse the new store. I would have give it more stars but the app didn't reply to my feedback and as my plan ran out on Black Friday i had no choice to use the $15 plan. But a day later i already was asked to upgrade again, which i will deffinily not be due to lack of testing and support. The app would be much better if 1. Support replied to the email and took feedback onboard 2. The free trail was XX number of days for new store to allow time for testing. The app itself has a great UX and is very easy to set-up on the back end. But i will be looking for another app due to the 2 points above.

23 dage bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 30. november 2022

Hi dear people at Paparazzi,

We were shocked to see your review not because it's a 1-star one, but because we didn't find out that your business is new until you said it is. One of our values is that when it comes to early stage businesses, our main goal switches from being a business to be a business supporter. Since we are aware of the expenses of small businesses, we have a huge discounted plan for young shops (less than 6 months old shops) called the Toddler plan (lol!).

We've already sent you the information about it, but for other merchants who are reading this response, you can find our other promotion plans on the following page:

We'll wait for your response and we're sure that we will be able to find a suitable plan for your business ;)

Best wishes :)

Redigeret 5. juni 2021

Honestly, they NEED more reviews because this app doesn't deserve to be so far down the app list. Pros of the app:
***Major pro is that they have a "bundles page" where it automates all of your website bundles on one page. I have added this "bundles age" to my navigation. 1.fastest and easiest way to create discounts
2. The format is super clean, precise, and customized to your theme 3.The customer service is impeccable.. I mean seriously, the team helped me figure out a few things that I wanted... that's important to have support right there when you need it, 4. Because they are a new app, they are willing to work with you more 1 on 1.. so make use of that while it's not as popular lol 5. I'm just glad that this app works, I tried way too many apps prior and was losing hope Con: 1. There was 1 thing that didn't work on one of my bundles, but was taken care of in under 10 minutes via app chat

18 dage bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 7. juni 2021

Honestly, we've never been this flattered and motivated! Not just because of the 5-star review, but because you have managed to fit all that we are trying to provide for our customers into a neat review. :wink:

Nothing is better for a new app than such a detailed review and social proof of quality.

We hope that even as we get more popular, we will still be able to support all of our customers the way we do right now.

We are very grateful to offer our services to such kind people at HV Nails and we wish you a fruitful and happy journey on your business.

25. marts 2021

Unbelievable app. We needed a new bundle app that worked with our multi-buy pricing on scripts. Works perfectly. We love the design, all contained in a box so everything is formatted. The team behind this are so helpful, they have styled it exactly how i want and answered many emails from me. 10/10 . Anyone wanting bundles on their website, get this app.

Discount Supplements
16 dage bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 4. april 2021

Some customers not only delight us with their good manners but also motivate us to improve our service.

Thank you Discount Supplements for your great attitude and lovely review. It means a lot to us.

6. oktober 2022

The app doesn't display the bundle page - the most basic functionality of the app! Thee support is not very helpful, non-responsive, and takes forever. I don't know how they manage this business with such poor service.

Make Scents
7 dage bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 13. oktober 2022

[Note: Our support was available only 16 hours a day at the time. Since October 2023, we offer live support available through instant chat 24/7]

Hello Kinga,

We are sorry that you have had a bad experience with our app and support. We confess that we didn’t handle your support request very well and take full responsibility for it. You, and all of our merchants, deserve a stellar support. We wish to thank you for taking the time to leave a review and remind us how important it is that we keep improving.

We wish you and your business all the best.

18. januar 2023

Absolutely awesome app if you want to use bundles in your store! There are many bundle apps out there. Stop looking and just use this one! It is extremely well thought through and easy to use. Very straight forward and user/customer friendly handling in setting up bundles and showing them on your store front/adding them to cart in one click. All storefront text and labels can easily be adapted and translated if there is any need and everything is highly customizable in terms of look and feel. A particular thank you to the app team, the support is outstanding! We reached out with a couple of questions and requests and everything was attended to very quickly and efficiently. We're very grateful to have found this app and can highly recommend it!

Cirka 6 timer bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 19. januar 2023

Nothing is better than receiving such a detailed review!
Thank you for letting us and the community know that our team meets your expectations. Happy to hear that. :)

29. marts 2022

Was really excited to use this app, but there was multiple issues and pretty terrible customer service to help assist me with the multiple issues. Really disappointed. Had to upgrade to the highest tier before I could even test what would work for us, and it still didn't work and no customer service to assist. Shame.

Vitality Blends
7 dage bruger appen
Fast Bundle svarede 17. april 2022

Hi dear friend at Vitality Blends

We are sorry that you had an unfortunate experience with our app and especially with our support team.

After your review, we checked our support system and found your ticket. We saw that one of our support team members answered your question but didn't hear back from you.

We thought that the answer might have sound not clear enough to you. So After you review, we immediately sent you an email with full explanation and discussed the issues. But still, we didn't hear back from you.

It's hard to remove bad memories from someone's mind, but we are ready to compensate it in the future.

If you have not received our email and want to get in touch again, you can find us on

Thank you and sorry again for the bad experience.