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29 november 2022

Fantastic app. This saved us last minute as we were getting ready for Black Friday. I actually planned on using another app that I thought would be able to create collection bundles, turns out it couldn't so after a bunch of headache I uninstalled that one to give this a try. This bundle app worked perfect for our store and was really simple to set up. I tried messing around and accidentally created a small issue where the bundle page wasn't showing the bundles (because I edited it). The customer support got back to me very quickly and from there on everything was working smoothly. This is an excellent app if you want to make mix and match bundles out of your collections (perfect for us and our apparel)

Danica Daydreams
5 dagar användning av appen
VConvert svarade 25 juni 2023

We are thrilled to have been able to contribute to your business!

Black Friday is the ultimate war season for shops and tools and weapons make a big difference! ;)

10 januari 2023

Let me save you a lot of time here, this is the BEST bundling app available that I found after months of research and testing. I tried at least 7 other high profile bundling apps and this one is a clear leader in performance and return on value.

If you’re like me and need a very robust bundling solution this is it. I have a very customized theme and the Fast Bundles app integrates beautifully. One of the most important features of a bundling software is getting your bundles to appear in the most relevant, high traffic areas of your website. The Fast Bundles app has a well designed bundle creation and editing tool that lets you design enticing and high performing bundle offers. More importantly, you can easily cast and display those bundles in product PDP pages, General Bundle landing pages (like a link from your home page), and with the bundle as a product feature you can place them anywhere as part of a collection menu itself. I take advantage of all three placements and it helps lift sales!

Support has been really great. The tech is very talented and has been very responsive. They are nice professional developers which can be hard to find. They helped to make modifications to align with my custom theme and it’s been a great experience.

As soon as we activated the bundles, customers started to purchase them. I can’t recommend Fast Bundle and their team enough. It’s a great app!

The Prep Kitchen
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
VConvert svarade 11 januari 2023

We are really grateful and appreciate you taking the time to share your detailed feedback with us.
Receiving a good review from such a professional merchant means a lot! Thanks :)

18 januari 2023

Absolutely awesome app if you want to use bundles in your store! There are many bundle apps out there. Stop looking and just use this one! It is extremely well thought through and easy to use. Very straight forward and user/customer friendly handling in setting up bundles and showing them on your store front/adding them to cart in one click. All storefront text and labels can easily be adapted and translated if there is any need and everything is highly customizable in terms of look and feel. A particular thank you to the app team, the support is outstanding! We reached out with a couple of questions and requests and everything was attended to very quickly and efficiently. We're very grateful to have found this app and can highly recommend it!

Ungefär 6 timmar användning av appen
VConvert svarade 19 januari 2023

Nothing is better than receiving such a detailed review!
Thank you for letting us and the community know that our team meets your expectations. Happy to hear that. :)

13 februari 2023

Excellent product and service. I have been very impressed with the prompt responses from the support team. They are professional and accommodating to ensure the app meets the needs of our business. They have a team of several technical members, which helps ensure prompt response and adequate support for many customers. The software appears to integrate well with Shopify. It will be nice when the Collections Mix & Match has some additional functionality, similar to that of the Product Mix & Match. These features are not yet available, but their team is working on it for future enhancements. This is another thing that I have been really impressed with the Fast Bundles team, that is that they are always taking into consideration their customer needs, and looking for opportunities to improve their products.

Near Zero Lightweight Outdoor Gear
Ungefär en månad användning av appen
VConvert svarade 13 februari 2023

A detailed review like this motivates our entire team to excel!
Thank you for doing your part in saving our planet. :)

Redigerat 30 november 2022

I start using this app to ready up my Black Friday bundles! As far as it is going now it works amazing! The support is really quick and friendly, solved multiple of my problems. For the rest, the customisation possibilities are endless! Tried so many apps but this one is PERFECT! Worth a try :) Unfortunetely I am not in the need of the bundle app besides times like Black Friday and Christmas.

2 månader användning av appen
VConvert svarade 20 november 2022

Thanks for sharing! the team at Fast Bundle is thrilled to receive such a great review! :)

19 januari 2023

Not only did this app solve a problem I've been trying to solve for months, but the customer service are super responsive, even with the free plan, and not only helped with any trouble I had, but also were able to adapt and change the appearance/functionality on the back end for me, no questions asked. Super helpful/useful for those looking to make combos with multiple products.

Element Filters
Ungefär 2 månader användning av appen
VConvert svarade 21 januari 2023

We’re glad that you enjoyed our service! Thank you for doing your part in saving our planet! :)

12 april 2023

OMG! If you are reading this review, it's because you've been searching for the right platform for product bundles and if you're like us, you're frankly fed up because you've tried countless apps and they, for one reason or another, don't work or fit your needs. Well, listen when I tell you that your frustrations are over! Not only does FAST Bundles check all of our boxes but for the few challenges we faced, not only did the FAST team work with us to resolve them, but on a few occassions, they even scheduled calls with us in the middle of their night to accommodate our time zone for a call. On one occassion Jasmine called her technical team member Mackey and woke him up to join our call. When he joined, he was not only gracious and more than willing to have been woken up, but stayed on that called until he resolved all of our issues, even writing code as we waited on the call to make our Shopify theme and the FAST Bundle app perform the way we needed it to perform. Not once did Jasmine or Mackey complain about disturbing their rest and working in the middle of the night. That is TRUE VALUE and CUSTOMER SERVICE at its very best! We need to CLONE Jasmine and Mackey to teach people what it means to be compassionate, kind and grateful for serving others. A 5 star isn't good enough for FAST Bundle. They exceed every area and you will be so pleased!!!

26 dagar användning av appen
VConvert svarade 16 april 2023

We are pleased to have such a great merchant and appreciate your detailed review. :)
Your feedback made us smile. ;)

4 maj 2023

To be frank... u guys have to see what this app can really do.... i have so many other bundle apps n most don even provide half of what they offer...mix and match on collections, mix and match on products, freq bought together and many more...And their support is awesome... very fast responsive and easy to chat....

U just need to startgeize what bundles to use and how to scale along their plan.... I give a 6 star.... :)

Ungefär 23 timmar användning av appen
VConvert svarade 6 maj 2023

We give you ALL the stars! :)
Thrilled that you have found everything you wanted in Fast Bundle.

Thank you for your amazing review.

9 december 2022

I was looking for app that suit my need I tried a lot of apps and deleted all of them after couple of use.
since I started use fast bundle and with no help I can say its the best app around it does what it says. a lot of options fun to use and very nice displaying on your site or page.
thanks a lot

Adore Cleaning Products
4 dagar användning av appen
VConvert svarade 11 december 2022

We are glad that you enjoyed our service!

20 augusti 2023

Such an amazing app! Couldn't recommend it any more - it has everything you need to create any product bundle you wish - and you can also display it ANYWHERE on your store (unlike other apps that only allow homepage)
Customer service is also amazing, really quick and helpful responses

Dream Deluxe Co
Ungefär 11 timmar användning av appen
VConvert svarade 23 augusti 2023

Thank you so much for this detailed review. We really appreciate you being a customer and helping to share the word about us. We’re here for you anytime. :)