Fast Bundle

Fast Bundle

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Bundle offers >>>>> Single product

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Boost Your Revenue

Motivate your customers with charming/glamorous discounts on product bundles to complete their purchase.

Zero Coding

It’s as simple and fast as it should be. Fully compatible with most-used templates in Shopify.

Enjoy AOV Enhancement

Bundling is one of the greatest methods to increase Average Order Value. Test it with one click.

À propos de Fast Bundle

About Smart Bundling

When someone buys a mobile phone, they will almost want to buy a pair of headphones and a protection glass as well. So spend some time to create exciting bundling offers on your products’ pages with eye-catching discounts to attract visitors’ attention and drive them to add the offer to their cart.

Bundle Leftover or Related Products

Another reason for using the bundling strategy is that you can easily bundle your leftover products with the hot-selling ones and get rid of them. You can also create meaningful bundles with related products and promote other products in one product page. People love to see how much money they’re saving. So when a bundle offer is introduced, it’s better to show-off the percentage and/or the value of the money they save on their deal so they can taste a more tangible joy when shopping. You may argue that "Ain't nobody got time for that!". You would be right! Creating bundle offers for every product may take a lot of time. We have the solution.

Why Fast Bundle?

Our main focus was making the process of bundle creation easy and short. It’s a straight-forward process and you won’t get confused, even if you’re a beginner in e-commerce. When you install Fast Bundle, the app first receives all your products and their stock level, to avoid invalid bundle shows. After that you can start bundling by following three simple steps: Choosing the products, specify which product pages to show the bundle, and set the discount. To optimize the offer, you can click on the Design tab and customize your bundling offer on the product page. For example, you can change the title of the “Offer frame” or the label on the “Add to Cart” button.


  • Shows bundles on the product page.
  • Shows bundles of a featured product on the homepage which is good for single product shops.
  • Bundles including unavailable products aren't shown to the customers.
  • Fully responsive and adaptive with any size of mobile screens.
  • Supports all languages and currencies.
  • No coding is required - Once you install the app, Fast Bundle is easily accessible from your Shopify merchant dashboard with no coding required. It’s a simple one-click installation.
  • Customization of the bundle design.


We designed the service in a way which you will hardly get confused on how it works, but if you needed any help on Fast Bundle or needed any minor customizations, there’s a chatbot in your admin panel which you can easily connect to our technical team.

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Tarifs Essai gratuit de 7 jours



  • Infinite bundle creation

  • 500 bundle shows

  • Customization of the bundle offer frame


$9.99 par mois

  • All Features from the Free plan

  • 2000 bundle shows

  • Show bundles of featured products on the homepage

  • Removing Fast Bundle Logo


$19.99 par mois

  • All features from the basic plan

  • Unlimited bundle shows

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5.0 de 5 étoiles

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Avis les plus récents

Divine Curls

When I downloaded this app, it was brand new to the app store and I was a bit hesitant on its performance. However, I'm glad I downloaded it! I needed to recommend product bundles on my website and this app performed exactly how I needed it and was easy-to-use. The customer service team was also fast and responsive to my questions.

Réponse du développeur

28 janvier 2021

Hello Divine Curls.

Thank you a lot for your kind review. We are happy to hear that you've had a pleasant experience with the app. If you have any other issues or suggestions, we'll be there for you.

Ear-Resistible Buttons

I used this app to recommend product bundles on my site. It was easy to use and the developer responded quickly to my inquires. I recommend!

Réponse du développeur

20 décembre 2020

Dear Ear-Resistible Buttons.

That was good news that your requested customizations worked for you.

By the way, thanks for your kind review. As it was the first review, it was more than just a review. You won our hearts and inspired our team.

Good luck with your cute business.