Fast Bundle

Fast Bundle


Unlimited Free Product Bundles to Boost Conversion

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Boost Your Revenue

Motivate your customers with charming/glamorous discounts on product bundles to complete their purchase.

Zero Coding

It’s as simple and fast as it should be. Fully compatible with most-used templates in Shopify.

Enjoy AOV Enhancement

Bundling is one of the greatest methods to increase Average Order Value. Test it with one click.

关于 Fast Bundle

About Smart Bundling

When people buy a mobile phone, they will almost want to buy a pair of headphones and a protection glass as well. So spend some time to create exciting bundling offers on your products’ pages with eye-catching discounts to attract visitors’ attention and drive them to add the offer to their cart.

Bundle Leftover or Related Products

Another reason for using the bundling strategy is that you can easily bundle your leftover products with the hot-selling ones and get rid of them. You can also create meaningful bundles with related products and promote other products in one product page. People love to see how much money they’re saving. So when a bundle offer is introduced, it’s better to show-off the percentage and/or the value of the money they save on their deal so they can taste a more tangible joy when shopping.

Why Fast Bundle?

Our main focus was making the process of bundle creation easy and short. It’s a straight-forward process and you won’t get confused, even if you’re a beginner in e-commerce. When you install Fast Bundle, the app first receives all your products and their stock level, to avoid invalid bundle shows. After that you can start bundling by following three simple steps: Choosing the products, specify which product pages to show the bundle, and set the discount. To optimize the offer, you can click on the Design tab and customize your bundling offer on the product page. For example, you can change the title of the “Offer frame” or the label on the “Add to Cart” button. It's a good alternative for conventional bundling apps like Bold Bundle, Unlimited Bundles and Discounts, Bundle Bear, Bundler, etc.


  • Shows bundles on the product page.
  • Shows bundles of a featured product on the homepage which is good for single product shops.
  • Bundles including unavailable products aren't shown to the customers.
  • Fully responsive and adaptive with any size of mobile screens.
  • Supports all languages and currencies.
  • No coding is required - Once you install the app, Fast Bundle is easily accessible from your Shopify merchant dashboard with no coding required. It’s a simple one-click installation.
  • Customization of the bundle design.
  • Shows all active and available bundles on one page. (NEW Feature)
  • Creating a landing page for a specific bundle. (NEW Feature)


We designed the service in a way which you will hardly get confused on how it works, but if you needed any help on Fast Bundle or needed any minor customizations, there’s a chatbot in your admin panel which you can easily connect to our technical team.






  • 隐私政策

定价 7 天免费试用



  • Infinite bundle creation
  • 500 bundle shows
  • Customization on the offer design
  • Bundle Page (New!)
  • Landing Page for a Specific Bundle (New!)



  • All Features from Free plan
  • 2000 bundle shows
  • Show bundles of featured products on the homepage
  • Removing the App Logo



  • All features from the basic plan
  • Unlimited bundle shows
  • Major Customizations

* 所有费用均以美元结算。 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.3 评分

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POPular Designs and Collectibles

It's a good app for the price. I unfortunately don't like to be harassed into leaving feedback after I uninstalled in minutes.(Clearly I couldn't do what I was hoping to do and it took too long to make each bundle) An email is enough, you don't need to also go to my page and contact me via IM... /edit AND now to find me on IG to message me on there... STOP! Dropping to 1 star.



We are deeply sorry that our feedback requests have bothered you. It was never our intention to make you feel harassed.

Thank you for your review. Your review was very helpful and showed us that our process of getting feedback may inconvenience some of our customers. We have revised our feedback request approach and we just ask for the uninstallation reason in an email to avoid this incident from happening again.
The purpose of these feedback requests is to help us make our app into what our customers want and need.

We hope that you will forgive us for the disturbance.

Baby Props By Sally

I've been looking for an app that does exactly what this app does for ages! This app is amazing and the support is excellent! The app is very simple to use, it's definitely upped the sales on my store! If I could give it 10 stars I would! Well done Fast Bundle one very happy customer here!



Thanks a lot for your very kind and motivating review. Your shop is outstanding too and if we were babies, we would never leave your shop 😉

Discount Supplements

Unbelievable app. We needed a new bundle app that worked with our multi-buy pricing on scripts. Works perfectly. We love the design, all contained in a box so everything is formatted. The team behind this are so helpful, they have styled it exactly how i want and answered many emails from me. 10/10 . Anyone wanting bundles on their website, get this app.



Some customers not only delight us with their good manners but also motivate us to improve our service.

Thank you Discount Supplements for your great attitude and lovely review. It means a lot to us.