Fast Conversion Bar

Fast Conversion Bar


Fully-Customizable Promotional Topbar. Show Happy Customers.

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Show Social Proof

Show how many happy customers you have or build your own conversion booster!

Boost Conversion Rate

Social proof will immediately boost your conversion rate! Tested many times, this app is must have for successful store!

Amazing features and options

Predefined, custom color options, many fonts and custom CSS option for even more customization!

Fast Conversion Bar 정보

Establish immediate trust with your webstore’s visitors by using the most important social proof: Number of orders in your store and how many happy customers you have.

How exactly will this help you sell more

People are social beings and we tend to trust popular people or brands more. In every day we rely on social proof – regardless if this is when choosing which book to read or in which webstore to shop.

Fast Conversion Bar takes this fact and uses it to spark trust with your webstore visitors.

Make your own Conversion Booster

Fast Conversion Bar is fully customizable top bar. Insert any text you want for example:

  • Build trust and social proof with showing number of orders and happy customers,
  • Promote free shipping if you offer it,
  • Show delivery times,
  • Show special announcements,
  • Use it in your own way. It's FREE. It's simple. It's powerful!

Setup – as simple as it gets

Use this Fully-Customizable Promotional Bar to show how many orders your webstore already made. Anybody can set it up:

  • One-Click Install. No special setup required
  • Simply choose one of the Fast Conversion Bar design themes,
  • determine the position of the promotional bar (top or bottom)
  • insert {number} in text to show number of your orders
  • and watch the counter go up with every new order.

Fast Conversion Bar is fully customizable

  • choose one of the pre-build themes
  • or make your own one
  • set custom colors, fonts, padding
  • add your own CSS for even more customization

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The Corner Depot + Outdoors

I use this app to increase gun and ammo sales. Easy to install and create any bar you want. Excellent app for any Shopify store.

Greenville House

Look good to me so far. I Like this app. Easy to install. I like how it is look on my site.
Thank you so Much!


Very useful to display any info onto your website! I really like the fact that you can personalise the message and display anything, not only orders!