Fastify: Load your shop faster

Fastify: Load your shop faster

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Make your shop load faster by preloading

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Load faster

Web page will be preloaded before a visitor click on a link, so the page load speed is amazingly fast. It feels like an instant.


The application gives you two flexible options: "Preload the link when it is hovered" and "preload in-viewport links during idle time"

Increase conversion rates

The faster the website loads, the better the user experience, resulting in increased conversion rates.

Om Fastify: Load your shop faster

Make Shopify load faster by preloading.

How it works?

After installation. The app will add a script to your shop. When a visitor visits your shop, the script will be loaded, and automatically prefetch links that the visitor may click next then cache it, if the visitor click on the link, the page will be load instantly.

The faster, the more sale

When you click on a link, the browser will start making requests to the server and download the web page for you. This process takes time, and you have to wait. Waiting makes you bored. So do your customers, and they leave your shop.

What happens if we tell the browser to preload a few web pages that visitors will visit next?

The answer is that page load speed will increase significantly. Because the browser doesn't have to load everything on that web page, because it's cached.


Be cautious in case your website uses applications that allow users to log in/sign up. Not all browsers send cookies to the server when preload is performed. This may result in incorrectly preloaded page content.

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  • One-click Installation
  • Preload On Hovering
  • Preload On Idle-Time

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Seneste anmeldelser

I love this app so far! I've only been using it for a couple days and I can already see a difference in my store! worth the money for sure :)

To'ak Chocolate

Seems to have improved pretty significantly our load speed! Not sure if this improves SEO but it certainly improves the customer experience.

Udviklerens svar

6. april 2020

Thanks so much, please check the chatbox, we have a few suggestions to help make your site more stable.


This app is ridiculously good, I really do not know how it's not heavily reviewed. This app is AMAZING for conversions. Install it and navigate through your website and you'll know what I'm talking about.