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With our plugin you will have a complete billing up to a certain number of invoices with all the management that follows.

Personalization integration

With our plugin you will be able to integrate with any other system already in use by also making customizations.

Help On-Line e numero verde

We are always with you; any doubt, need you can contact us and you will have the answers you are looking for.

Su FattureGratis ‑ Invoices

On FattureGratis - Invoices

This FattureGratis – Invoices Shopify plugin, allows you to connect to the FattureGratis platform that allows you:

  • Send and receive invoices both from PA , to PAs and to private individuals.

  • Does the VAT accounting (with electronic sending of the LIPE)

  • Virtual tax reporting

  • Withholding tax with automatic generation of the F24 facsimile.

FattureGratis platform is designed to communicate and send an electronic invoice to Italian government department. It has several connectors, which allow a company to concentrate all invoices from various other systems (e-commerce, crm, erp etc) in a point.

How FattureGratis - Invoices works

The App receives your orders and transmits then to FattureGratis .

The webservices of the platform sends the invoices to the Italian government and synchronize the response and the state files on the cloud platform.

WHAT DOES FattureGratis - Invoices NOT DO?

It is important to know that FattureGratis - Invoices just sends the product purchase data needed to generate an invoice in the FattureGratis system who generates the invoice according to Italian state;

FattureGratis - Invoices does not produce the electronic invoice and does not send the invoice to the Exchange System of the Revenue Agency, but rather the FattureGratis platform, where an account is required.

Si integra con

  • Vtiger,
  • MEF,
  • Sogei,
  • ODO,
  • messenger,
  • Google Calendar

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