FreeDropship: Ali Dropshipping

FreeDropship: Ali Dropshipping

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AliExpress Dropshipping,verified supplier,advanced Oberlo Dser

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FREE & UNLIMITED Dropshipping

The Free & Unlimited Dropshipping Service - Help you to easily get the winning products to rebrand & resell from MILLIONS of products.

AliExpress Official Partner

Enjoy AliExpress White-list - Seamlessly bulk place hundreds of orders in just seconds, More convenient and faster than other tools.

Worry-Free Delivery

Once you make a sale, your products will be shipped from the supplier warehouse to your customer’s doorstep.

Om FreeDropship: Ali Dropshipping


Dropshipping is the coolest way to get your e-commerce started quickly with zero inventory.

Ali FreeDropship is an Ultimate Dropshipping App in Shopify. It allows you to find niche products and good credit suppliers from AliExpress. Ali FreeDropship will save you time and effort, and make your dropshipping business more efficient.

Amazing features for product sourcing

  • Import product when browsing AliExpress: With FreeDropship's chrome plugin, you can quickly import AliExpress products.
  • Bulk import products: You can bulk import current page's products with one click (It requires chrome plugin version >= 1.1.1) .
  • Import product without installing chrome plugin: With From URL importing function, you can import AliExpress product any time.
  • Send a message directly to the supplier: it can help you get more detailed information about the product or shipment
  • Best Selling radar: After setting the interested product categories, FreeDropship will use its data analysis and intelligent algorithms to recommend products that are likely to become best-selling products. Save a lot of time to filter items you are not interested in or bad products.

Amazing features for listing publishing

  • Global pricing rules will help you automatically handle the compared at price and price when publishing listing, it can convert to local currency well.
  • It supports publishing different variants from one AliExpress product, which will shorten the time of customer buying.
  • Auto pricing & inventory updating, no worry about the supplier's changes (In test, will be released soon)
  • Binding to FreeDropship allows you to bind a product which isn't published with FreeDropship, after when you can place order to AliExpress with efficient Dropshipping API.
  • Export AliExpress reviews as csv to import into product review app (PLUS membership)

    Amazing features for Fulfillment

  • Better order management user experience

  • Email notification for new orders

  • Fulfill with specified location

  • Placing order with AliExpress' dropshipping API, one click to place order

  • Bulk placing order are supported

  • Manually placing order, you can placing the order with the help of FreeDropship chrome plugin if you want, which will give you more control.

  • Auto sync order and tracking information

Other features in development

  • Cash back
  • Tiktok Channel (A new app we are developing, which will give you a creative way to get flow from tiktok) seamless integration

Deep cooperation

Dropshipping is a big game changer of eCommerce, if you are a supplier or fulfillment service provider who want to cooperate with us, like letting FreeDropship sourcing your products or white labeling this app, feel free to contact us.



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  • Unlimited import products
  • Official AliExpress API to bulk place orders
  • AliExpress' best selling recommendations



  • Unlimited import products
  • Official AliExpress API to bulk place order
  • AliExpress' best selling recommendations
  • Winning products database

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2.6 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

i cant see product from aliexpress in importlist, one day it works, next day not, i have no blocking in google crome

Buy Cameras

Why can't we batch import products now? We can't release the product now. How long does it take to repair it?

Udviklerens svar

16. juni 2021

It works now, thank you for reporting issue.

Dresses Wish

Today, I made a mistake when I released the product at one point:
Sorry, the server is wrong. Why can't we batch import products now? WHY?

Udviklerens svar

16. juni 2021

The batch import function works now.

And we are sorry for the 500 error you have met, sometimes, the app may met Shopify's server error situation, but I think it will be back after waiting some time.