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HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! Joe is VERY ARROGANT and makes up lies when he realizes they made a mistake. The app is not even performing well anymore so not even worth any money. Take your business elsewhere and save yourself the trouble.

Developer reply

April 25, 2019

Hi Jainmy,

Just for the record, we have 77 emails from you since you've been a customer with us ( That's a lot of customer service!

I also recently spent a half hour on a video call with you after patiently reminding you of our meeting when you didn't show up.

You also requested twice to be an affiliate referrer for us so that you can refer us to your shopify clients. After I politely declined your kind offer, your response is to call me arrogant?

The mistake that you claim I'm lying about is that your store has other plugins and javascript SDK's that are interfering with our app. I'm sorry we couldn't get it to work on your store. And I'll gladly give you a refund for the last month. I wouldn't categorize this as a "mistake" on our part. But it is something we could not accommodate given all your other plugins and popups. I apologize again. Please get in touch if you want that refund.

Finally, I would add that Cartback has done very well for you while you had it:

We always strive to provide excellent value and customer service. And reviews like yours are certainly humbling and will help us to improve in the future. But I also want to provide context to show that we went above and beyond to help you. And that you asked us twice for an affiliate program because your results were so good.

Petite la Petite

There was a lot of issues with the app not working on my page. Customer service was not helpful in getting the problem resolved. The customer service person I spoke to first, who seemed to be in a management position, was very arrogant and clearly did not care that the app wasn't working and just because I showed urgency in getting the problem resolved he was so annoyed, was very rude, and suggested that I just uninstall the app and use another competitor's app.

Developer reply

April 13, 2019

I went through every single one of the 18 separate email tickets between us in the past 3 days. Here's a screenshot for proof

The Cartback team was prompt and helpful each time. The only time we suggested using another app was when we said "ps. We usually respond within 4-5 hours. If that's not going to work for you, I'd suggest going with the other app"

The only reason we suggested using the other app is because you had more than 1 Messenger app installed. And the other app was causing the conflict.

We understand the urgency, which is why we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service.

But I think its unreasonable to keep emailing us over and over again because we didn't respond within 1 hour, especially since the problem was that the other Messenger app was interfering with ours. It's unfair to our team who is working hard (even on weekends) to support merchants like you.

The content of your review speaks much more about your character than it does about Cartback. And the screenshot of your 18 emails within a 3-day period backs that up.

And just for the record, you last emailed us at 12:33pm on a Sat (PST) and then hit us with this review at 12:34pm because we didn't reply within 10 minutes on a Saturday

(update: you still have the app installed which shows how ridiculous this review is)

Hidizs | Enjoy Music Like Never Before

How can I contact Cartback except leave 1 star review? I can even find their contact email, instant message, I just wanna revise the setup of 2nd abandon cart message.


Developer changes the price whenever he likes. Promises 10k messages at the time of installing but goes to 1k in few months. Beware

Kallie & Co.

They double charged me, I showed the documentation stating I was charged twice within the same month and are dragging their feet and pretty much refused to give the refund. No big deal, just shady business practices.

I was told that even though they didn't deny the double charge, they would refund me the extra $29 if I removed this review. Very disappointed with their customer service and business practices.


I downloaded this app, like many, so I could tap into a new area of brand comms with our clients when they abandoned their carts. I signed up and ended up paying $69 per month.

The free trial really was exciting as I thought it would let me see how my clients responded to this channel of communication. The only issue was that the developer took the majority of the trial to fix issues with the app so it performed in the way advertised. Not ideal, but I was happy the issues were finally fixed and we moved into the paid use of the app, and I could trial it properly with my clients

Unfortunately for me, my clients really didn't respond well to it, as they seemed to treat it as if it were an invasive form of communication. After giving it a full month, it seemed to be doing more harm than good, so I chose to uninstall the app. I did this in 19th Nov '18, which was 1 day after the billing cycle.

In my next Shopify invoice, I found we had been charged a full $69 for 18th Nov - 18th Dec (charged in advance), which doesn't seem to be right for two reasons; 1) The app got 24 hours of use out of what was charged for that month. 2) If I'm paying forward like this, then the free trial was NEVER actually free, and I paid for the developer to get their own app functioning correctly.

After contacting Shopify (who contacted the developer) with a friendly email asking if we could get a refund on the month not used, the app developer sent a reply which I found to be very unprofessional. The chap claimed that because I had had issues at the start with the app functioning, his and his team's time speaking with me justified the charge. He then mentioned that he would lose money if he refunded me (baring in mind the service was future charged), and he would rather spend the money I had paid, to provide value to other customers that might appreciate his work.

Now I want to point out, that at no point have I mentioned it was unappreciated, however the app didn't work as it should have, and then it didn't work for my clients. My reasons for discontinuing were fair. But they wish to keep the money, so that they can hide the trial month, that you don't even truly get to experience.

In my opinion, this is unprofessional and deceitful. And the app does more damage to your clients than good. I would have given this a 3 Star Review for clever innovation, if he hadn't been so unprofessional when losing a client.


This app is really a fraud from last 2 months charging $12 and not giving a single impression. Also Now Increased Price from $12 to $29 for no reason. If you can't provide impression on old price then you should not charge $12 for no reason.
Update: Very un-professional support person behaviour, I'm sure they will change prices again without any reason also they will deduct extra amount without even telling.


Could you please reply to our email sent yesterday evening? You have initiated unapproved facebook messages to our customers offering them a discount code when you 'upgraded' your app this week with the Upsell feature. We do not (nor ever have had) a discount code. We also have a strategy to NOT upsell our customers in the way your app is now doing. You did say 36 hours ago that you were 'on to it' and fixing the error you've caused. But we've had not communication from you since. No reply despite recognising the urgency of our situation. I am furious that your app can initiate a conversation with OUR customers in OUR messenger account without our consent and not be fixed for this amount of time. Please address immediately. - Karen Ormerod (

The Shark Watch Co

May 2018 was offered if you write a review we will grandfather you in to the current $12 a month charge before the prices go up ,

fast forward to 4 months later and suddenly that deal no longer applies and now asking for $29 a months becuase its too hard to do a discount

not real good at keeping to agreements this mob
not real impressed JOE ..........

Bohemiam Jungle

I installed your application but it does not work in my store ...
A part I have paid pages associated with my facebook account

Can you help me? Thank you

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