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Bearbeitet am 1. Mai 2023

this app is not transparent about their pricing. I had to spend a lot of time using it before i could figure out how much it was actually going to cost me. It the end, this app would cost me 4x the price of other apps i've already used, that do the same thing.
Frustrating because it's just a waste of my time.
Make a good product and be transparent.
Pricing is only visible once you’re connected everything and spent time setting it up.
It took a long conversation with the chat agent to even figure out the costing.

“Starting at 25$/markletplace would” might be a transparent way to communicate.
No need to obscure the pricing. It just makes you look bad.

16 minuten mit der App
ByteStand hat geantwortet 1. Mai 2023

Our app was only installed for a total of 15 minutes, which simply isn't enough time to ascertain our value. Furthermore, inside the app all our pricing is laid out plainly so shops can customize it to their exact needs.

13. Januar 2023

All the necessary features are extra paid. Don't waste your time as it's not worth it.
Stock sync - 35 dollars, orders sync 25 dollars, app 35 dollars... big no!

Vereinigtes Königreich
15 minuten mit der App
ByteStand hat geantwortet 13. Januar 2023

Yes, we need to charge for our services in order to recoup the massive investment in time and energy we've made into all of our apps here on Shopify.

25. Januar 2022

It might not look that realistic seeing all these 5 star reviews mentioning Cara, but honest truth this app does what you think it should (except for sync stock, but there's another Bytestand app for that) and the support is next level. Really amazing for shipping inside the EU

La Menagerie
Vereinigtes Königreich
28. Oktober 2021

The FBA shipping app is easy to use and the instructional videos and online support from Cara are great. Would definitely recommend as a way to save time fulfilling orders if you are using Amazon MCF with your Shopify store.

11. Dezember 2023

Vereinigtes Königreich
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