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3. November 2023

Seriously so happy with this app. It has been seamlessly fulfilling my Shopify -> FBA (multi-channel fulfillment) for over a year. When an issue came up today with integration I had the best customer support to get things up and running again.

Cara chatted with me immediately through the help app. When things got a little more complicated she gave me a call. She took the time to walk me through every step and thoroughly checked to make sure all the integrations were set up properly. Now my orders from multiple channels are being automatically fulfilled by Amazon. Cara, I really appreciate the help and the peace of mind knowing that things are set up correctly.

If you're thinking of using ByteStand just do it. It automates fulfillment and they have a great customer service team if you need help setting things up along with way. Thank you ByteStand!

BigWave Drops
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App
2. November 2023

I can highly recommend this app because I use it for shopify and amazon in Europe especially Germany. Before this app we used one called Billbee and after a couple of weeks and bad support still not working.

I was confused when this app was set up after a couple of hours. After some questions everything was done in only two days. Today the support agent Cara asked me if I need help with anything. I had a question for shipping and everything was done after a few minutes. This was in the Chat and that was the perfect service from Cara. Great app and time saver for e-commerce.

12 tage mit der App
19. September 2023

Using it for more than 2 years now. It just does the job and since the store needs expanded, customer support (cheers Cara) is absolutely tops to ensure I'm up to the latest developments. All five stars and beyond!

Glassique Cadeau
Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
1. November 2023

Hands down the best customer service! You can feel secure knowing if there’s ever an issue it will be resolved. The app works seamlessly and customer service is top notch. I highly recommend!

Grace & Company
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10 monate mit der App
14. November 2023

Cara is the person who you speak to when there's a problem and she is as good as it gets in her role. When I installed the app I had a lot of setting issues in Shopify and Amazon that were preventing things from working. I first requested help through the app and within minutes received an email from Cara suggesting what I could try, giving me her phone number to call, or allowing me to book a video call so we could share screens and walk through the settings together. I opted for the video call and Cara guided me through everything and shared a few tips as well. Everything is now setup and working perfectly. Thank you Cara!

The Pleasure Pods
4 tage mit der App
24. November 2023

Very helpful. Solve my problem right away. Great to speak with a representative so quickly.

USU Sports
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2 monate mit der App
5. September 2023

I've had to contact customer support and they were excellent! Quick to understand my issue and help, Cara was amazing and solved my problem in less than 10 minutes. She even stayed on with me as I fixed the issue on my end and tested everything. I couldn't ask for more. Excellent customer service. Thanks Cara!

Swift Commerce Shop
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20 tage mit der App
30. August 2023

Excellent app, so easy to use and so simple, not overcomplicated. Great customer service if things pop up, highly recommended!

Better Bears Foods
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
22. August 2023

Excellent support to work through any of the technical details that I hadn't set up correctly. They even filmed a short video to show me exactly what I had missed, and then were able to request collaborator status to help me make the adjustment. Super helpful.

The prices are definitely not cheap for the various country and feature add ons, and it definitely made me question if this was really going to pay off. Perhaps not appropriate for smaller sellers, and they could consider a volume based initial discount to make it more approachable. But my trial ends tomorrow and I have a confidence that I can expand this channel enough to compensate for the fees over time, especially as I grow my SKU count.

Sun & Sprouts
13 tage mit der App
12. September 2023

Great, seemless, had no issues in two years and good customer support.

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