FEBA: Modern Feedback Form

FEBA: Modern Feedback Form

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Collect customer insight or feedback with screenshot and video

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Collect Customer Feedback

Easily collect customer feedbacks with modern styles and animated emoji, engage with customer on friendly forms

Satisfaction Analytic

Quickly analyze customer satisfaction score (CSAT) with advanced statistic dashboard.

Screenshot & Videos

Attach screenshot and video by recording right away on the website, without extension or install anything.

Acerca de FEBA: Modern Feedback Form


  • No-code solution

No need to touch any line of codes to have your form display on the site. Just 5 seconds to have a feedback form on your site.

  • Collect feedback at a large scale

Instead of asking customers manually from time to time, we could collect customer feedback automatically at a larger scale.

  • Reward customers & boost returning customer rate

Automatically reward customers with rule-based coupons to boost the conversion rate if the customer does not do the checkout, as well as the returning rate by coupon for the next purchases.

  • Improve and build trust

Base on customer problems/feedback/ideas, we can actually listen to their problem and has an action to build the trust with customers.

  • Smart and visual user interface

With FEBA simple and nice survey forms, users will feel willing to give feedback, not a reluctant step as many other forms.

  • Screen capture & record

A picture is worth a thousand words. FEBA integrates a screen-capture feature for you to understand customer responses easier.

  • Modern and animated feedback forms

Animated emojis and nice guidelines that impress users immediately, which help build customer’s trust and promote your business brand.

  • Powerful dashboard

Easily find all customer feedbacks, discover insights and their behavior trends with detailed statistics and line charts via FEBA dashboard.

  • Easily customize and edit surveys

You can create various surveys with unlimited color to match your brand, offering emojis and animations. Besides FEBA’s default color, you can customize any other color according to your expectation.


  • Feedback with file attachment

If the customer has a checkout problem, they would report it easily without calling you at midnight. Screenshot image and video records are available.

  • Feel safe about your brand

Felling actually someone listens to their problem and showing that you would care to your brand, therefore feel safe and trust your brand

  • Get the rewards

Have a little gift just by leaving feedback, they would share this with their customer too

  • Feedback in a nice manner

FEBA does not force customers to leave feedback, just display in a nice manner with interesting emojis to encourage customers to leave the feedback

Other features

  • Live-chat support

The first time that an application provides live chat support, right on your Shopify Dashboard, so that you can get over the problem easily. Of course, email support is available too!

  • 45-days free trial

Just try the product till you're satisfied, no need to pay or worries that it does not work while you have paid.

  • Full refund, case by case

We will provide the full refund, case by case, solved by humans, and ethical.

Se integra con

  • slack,
  • email SMTP,
  • webhook

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  • 01 forms
  • Unlimited feedbacks
  • Unlimited responses
  • Brand color setting
  • Screenshot
  • Video record (20 seconds)
  • Trending & Satisfaction score



o $2.50/mes se factura $29.99 una vez al año

  • Unlimited forms
  • Unlimited feedbacks
  • Unlimited responses
  • Brand color setting
  • Screenshot
  • Video record (60s)
  • Trending & Satisfaction score

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Lethnic Leather

Great app, they provide the screen capture and screen recording feature that help our customer provide the feedback faster and easier. Customer support is outstanding as well, I received the support from Andrew via Live chat, right on the app to answer my questions.