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Ultimate Product Feed Builder for Google Ads, Facebook Ads ++

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Flexible & Reliable

For Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Affiliate Window along with many other marketing channels. Gain control of your product data.

All Your Data Available

Product meta data, location specific stock holding, incoming stock data. All your data at your fingertips.

Comprehensive Builder Toolkit

Serve your product data exactly as you need to. Plus a comprehensive alerts system for effective channel management.

Su Feed Donkey

Feed Donkey | Ultimate Feed Builder for Google Ads, Facebook/ Instagram Ads and much much more

Expand your market size, reach more customers, increase your conversion rate, improve your user experiences.

Your marketing efforts through external services can achieve these outcomes - but you need to feed the right product data in the relevant format to the right place. Feed Donkey is automation that helps you take your marketing to the next level without multiplying your workload or your payroll cost.

We will help you to get started with your first Feed Donkey product feed, this service is free with any new plan.

Flexible and Reliable

Great for Google Merchant Centre feed, but so much more than this. In your hands is the power to build exactly the feeds you need. No restrictions.

Work with all of your Shopify data

Standard Shopify data fields, all of your custom metafields. Inventory data, total and split by location if you hold it this way.

Not simply downtime and uptime

You will be building feeds to keep product data fresh in the services important to your business. Our alerts tell you if your data is not being requested as you would expect.

Take your channel marketing to the next level

We are rooting for your online business, we want to help you grow and get the very best out of your digital marketing efforts. Whether it is new channels, user experience or conversion rate enhancing services or all of the above, we are here to help you get the data right.

Build an automated product feed for all these marketing channels - Adroll, Affiliate Window, Bing Ads, Affiliate by Conversant, Criteo, Facebook Ads, Google Display Ads, Google Dynamic Search Ads, Google Hotel Ads, Google Manufacturer Centre, Google Play Books, Google Shopping, Idealo, Kelkoo, Lions Home, Pinterest Catalog Ads, Pricegrabber, Pricerunner, Shopping.com, Shopzilla, Snapchat Ads, Tradedoubler, Twenga, Webgains, Wish, Ciao!, Instagram Ads, Pricesavvy, Pricesearcher, Rakuten.

Not limited to these Feed Donkey will work with multi-languages and character sets in line with your saved store product data.

Powerful New Features! Real-Time Update Frequency now available as a plan level.

The advanced builder toolkit just got better - Variables Tab function allows users to create variable data as handy shortcodes - mappable and usable with replace functions.

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Free Forever


  • 1 storefront

  • Up to 5,000 skus

  • Up to 2 Feeds

  • Updates every 24 hours

  • 3hr/1 hr/Live updates +$2/+$5/+$6 (Lite Plans)



  • Up to 2 storefronts

  • Up to 30,000 skus

  • Up to 15 feeds

  • Updates every 24 hours

  • 3hr/1 hr/Live updates +$2/+$5/+$6



  • Up to 5 storefronts

  • Up to 100,000 skus

  • Up to 35 feeds

  • Updates every 24 hours

  • 3hr/1 hr/Live updates +$2/+$5/+$6



  • Up to 10 storefronts

  • Up to 500K skus

  • Up to 100 feeds

  • Updates every 24 hours

  • 3hr/1 hr/Live updates +$2/+$5/+$

  • Agency plan available P.O.A

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National Mobile Bars

I have installed and used many different apps inside Shopify some good some not so good, Feed Donkey however, is a breath of fresh air. I needed some specific help with Google Local Inventory ads which can be tricky. The app installed and worked without any fuss and the support from Martin was superb, it's rare these days to get such quick timely and helpful support, to say Martin went above and beyond is a genuine understatement, thank you Martin. If you need a reliable Google Feed to support your Google PLA Shopping Ads and or Local Inventory Ads from your Shopify store, you need not look any further!!!!

Scootera | Dualtron UK

Martin at Feed Donkey has helped me setup my feed in less than 24 hours, we were live on Google Shopping then next day. The app UI and UX is amazing, which many other shopping feed building apps today are lacking, and that makes it super easy to learn and use. It's one of the necessary apps for making a shopping feed for any platform paired with stellar support and guidance.