Feedback Rebates

Feedback Rebates

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Smart way to Automate Reviews & Boost Sales

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Get More Reviews Faster

Customers get a rebate, you get a review, everyone wins! It's honest, easy, and practically free.

Increase Sales and Trust

Feedback Rebates cost less than discounts and generate more sales because they signal High-Quality.

Share Your Story

You are more than just a brand! Invite your team and let customers connect with real people behind the scenes.

Om Feedback Rebates

Feedback Rebate is a new sale incentive that is guaranteed to generate new reviews 10X faster. Here is how it works:

  1. Buy my product
  2. Leave a Review
  3. Get a partial Refund

Your customers save money; you increase sales and get real customer reviews, everyone wins!

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Why should I offer Feedback Rebates?

  • to boost sales
  • to generate unbiased reviews
  • to signal high-quality to potential customers

What does this app do?

  • It provides an easy way to offer Feedback Rebates and display them in your store.
  • It adds a widget to show customer reviews on your product pages and collections.
  • It provides a full All-Reviews page you can add to your website.
  • It sends your customers a unique review link and automatically creates a refund if they leave a review.
  • It gives you and your team an ability to share your contributions with customers.

How does it work?

Suppose you're offering 10% Feedback Rebate and your customer buys a $40 product.

  1. Customer pays $40 expecting to receive $4 back for their honest review.
  2. A few days later they get an email that contains the review link and an expiration date.
  3. Customer clicks this link, writes a review, and automatically receives their $4 refund.

How much will it cost?

Unlike discounts, not all customers will redeem their rebates. The extra money you keep will not only cover the transaction fees but also directly increase your profits. We guarantee that this app will pay for itself, or it’s free. None of our clients have ever spent a penny above their rebate offers.

Why should I use this app?

  • Offering Feedback Rebates can greatly improve sales and increase trust.
  • Feedback Rebates can help you get more reviews very quickly and in the most honest and transparent way.
  • You get Unlimited reviews and Unlimited Email and SMS messages.
  • Each review is a true backlink from the customer’s profile page.
  • Having more reviews and backlinks can significantly improve your SEO (search engine optimization), new customer acquisition, conversion, and retention.
  • Works with all major currencies.
  • Your products will be automatically listed on Virthium network for free to drive more traffic to your store.
  • You can install and keep this app for as long as you'd like. There are no subscription fees.
  • If we add any new features, such as in-mail forms, review replies, image reviews, or time-travel, you will always get it for free, if you install today.

The Feedback Rebates program is powered by Virthium - 100% ad-free, independent reputation network. Virthium is a revolutionary reputation platform that uses patent-pending technologies and processes to generate free and reliable online reputation.

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Gratis at installere

No subscription. Transaction fee: 25% of Feedback Rebate per review. 30-day FREE trial.

4.6 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Reiki Attunement Courses

This is exactly what I was looking for. Simple to use. Initially there was an issue putting the code into my template. I contacted the team and within hours (at the weekend!!) they responded and input the code for me. My webstore template has more than one version and so the code needed to go into the correct version being used. They also gave me good advice for the future. I would recommend without hesitation. Excellent customer service. Thank you!

Udviklerens svar

31. januar 2021

Thank you so much! It was a pleasure helping you. Good luck with your business... so much needed during these tough times.

Club 7 Menswear

Great customer service and very promising. It would be nicer if you can easily reword some of the text.

Udviklerens svar

31. januar 2021

Thank you for your feedback and words of encouragement! Please let us know what you'd like to re-word. Maybe there is something we can do on the back-end to customize it for you.


Absolutely awesome customer service. I am not good with HTML code, so they did all the work for me just to make sure I was happy. I've never experienced such amazing service, and I love the app. I recommend for every store owner.

Udviklerens svar

18. december 2019

Thank you so much for your feedback. Glad we could help! You've got an awesome store with very cool tactical and outdoor gear products, and we're delighted to have you as a client.