FeedJug: Feeds and Catalogs

FeedJug: Feeds and Catalogs

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Ultimate Feed and Catalogs for Facebook DPA and Sales Channels

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On-Demand Catalog Feed Manager

Never miss out on retargeting any available product again, and never run ads to out-of-stock products! Works with HUGE product feeds.

Cutting Edge Feed Benefits

We use multiple images, sale-price support, and full UTM-tags on all products; auto-create segments for hyper-targeted TOF DPA ads.

Catalog Performance Reports

FeedJug monitors and alerts provide unprecedented insight into the events and audiences associated with your DPA catalogs.

Om FeedJug: Feeds and Catalogs

Create and Manage Facebook Catalogs for Dynamic Product Ads and Facebook Sales Channels

FeedJug is the all-in-one catalog and feed manager that creates, manages and updates your Facebook product catalogs and provides detailed insights into catalog events for best retargeting optimization.

With FeedJug you don't just get a feed link and are left alone with all the headaches of setting up your catalogs. FeedJug does everything for you. Automatically and perfectly.

The simple, and intuitive user interface of FeedJug lets you:

  • Select Facebook Business Manager where the catalog will be created
  • Select the Facebook Pixel that will be used as event source
  • Choose between different images that will be used in ads
  • Include all variants or just the front variant for each product
  • Easy product suppression via tag

Then just click Create Catalog and FeedJug handles all the rest.

How FeedJug Manages Uploads

After the initial setup, FeedJug checks your store products regularly and triggers updates to the Facebook catalogs on demand. This feature supports any product changes, deletions or additions as well as inventory tracking so you never advertise products that are out of stock. You can check upload times and status directly in FeedJug.

FeedJug is the feed generator app that works flawlessly for very large feeds with hundreds of thousands of products and variants.

Advanced Features for your cutting edge DPA campaigns

  • All FeedJug product links are pre-tagged with a full set of UTM parameters. This is the only way to effectively track which product was clicked in DPA ads! With the built-in UTM rule builder you can create UTM tags for all products easily to your own liking.
  • Each product includes multiple images so you can create a slide-video on the fly. This is a stunning effect on carousel and single-product DPA ads.
  • Auto-create Product Sets based on tags: You can run multiple campaigns using flexible combinations of products. Easily control which products are included simply by adding or removing product tags in Shopify.
  • Flexible rule builders for tags: You decide and control which tags are used for creating product sets.
  • Supports sale price: Each product contains the "price" and "compare-at price" from Shopify so you can use the dynamic sale-price feature in Facebook ads.

Monitor detailed Event Statistics

Facebook doesn't offer much insight into events and audiences that can be retargeted with DPA ads. Often, you just wonder why they're not spending any budget.

FeedJug offers clear statistics and performance alerts that give you clear guidance of what you need to do to boost your retargeting campaigns to their maximum potential.



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  • 214-449-1446
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Gratis att installera

Includes 1,000 products, plus $0.01 per each additional product in your shop

  • 1 Feed & Catalog
  • Variant Image
  • Select Default Google Category



Includes 10,000 products, plus $0.005 per each additional product in your shop

  • Unlimited Feeds & Catalogs
  • Use Product, Variant or Alternate Image
  • Support Multiple Listing Images
  • Include All Variants Option

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