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Feedzai Fraud Prevention for eCommerce

Feedzai Fraud Prevention for eCommerce

Developed by Feedzai

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  • Machine-learning will give you a risk score for every order
  • Receive email notifications when a suspicious order is made
  • Tell us which orders should've been blocked and we'll learn and alert you better in the future


Get an instant payment credit score on your buyers, during checkout. Feedzai Fraud Prevention evaluates every sales
order for payment risk and assigns a risk score. Give your store the fraud science expertise used by banks and payment networks.


  • Stop losing money (merchandise,
    chargeback fees, frozen accounts) from fraudulent purchases
  • Improve customer satisfaction by
    reducing shipment delays, excessively flagged reviews, blocked payments
  • Give your store the power of bank-grade risk management analytics used by large payment networks
  • The Feedzai Difference

  • Machine-Learning Fraud Models - Once trained, models actively adapt to your specific business patterns (versus rules-only systems which
    cannot intelligently act).
  • Behavioral Profiling - Protects your
    real customers from payment fraud, account takeovers; while protecting your
    from 'friendly fraud' caused by excessive 'item not receive or shipment damage'
  • White-Box Explanations - Detailed,
    human-readable explanations of scores maintain high customer satisfaction.
  • Enrichment Data - Geospatial, Device
    ID, Social Network data reduces order review delays.
  • Big Data Scale - Stores of any
    size can tap into modern data science and predictive analytics.
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