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Fetch | 1-Tap Feedback

Fetch | 1-Tap Feedback

Developed by Fetch | 1-Tap Feedback

6 reviews
Price: From $9.99 / month Free Trial: 14 days More info
  • Understand Your Customers: we automatically follow-up with them after a purchase, emailing for feedback in 1-Tap.
  • Sell More With Promotions: thank and reward every reviewer to grow loyalty, increase satisfaction, and boost repeat sales!
  • Get Results: hear from over 30% of your customers!

“The new Shopify app every merchant will want.”

-Shopify's Top Rated Developers [WeMakeWebsites.com]

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It's hard to understand your customers when you never actually see their face, hear their voice, or interact with them. But as a store owner, you know how important your customers are. Especially when it costs 6-7x more to acquire a new customer than keep an existing one!

Fetch helps you understand your customers and sell more. All in 1 tap!

The Simplest Feedback System...ever.

The more reviews you collect, the better you understand what’s really happening in your store. But when giving feedback isn’t mindless, 98% of customers remain silent. With every additional task required, you are losing a percentage of responses.

So we eliminated every unnecessary step, making it easier than ever to hear from your customers. Fetch is the industry’s first true 1-tap system. It’s actually faster to respond than it is to delete the message. You don’t even have to leave the email! Simple enough to get 9x more feedback!
Pretty cool, right?

Once you understand your customers, you can learn and grow into the best store possible by making the best and most informed decisions possible!

How it works:

  1. 1) A customer completes a checkout.

  2. 2) We automatically email them a timely feedback request for you.
  3. 3) They respond with 1-tap. That's it!
  4. 4) We say thanks and display your incentive to keep them smiling and coming back.

[Click here for a diagram]

Keep Customers Happy & Coming Back.

Every reviewer is shown a “thank you” page, where you can present them a promotion. Think of it as a little gift for giving their feedback (check the screenshots →). It’s a great way to evoke customer loyalty and grow repeat purchase rates…not to mention boost customer satisfaction. Showing you care goes a long way!

We all know it’s a lot easier to keep a customer than to acquire a new one, so maximizing their lifetime value like this is everything for ecommerce.

You Have A Store To Run...Let Us Do The Work.

Fetch is 100% automated. We take care of the proactive feedback collection, as well as gathering and organizing all of the responses. This leaves you more time to focus on running your store!

Since you know your business best, everything is fully customizable. You get to choose your own questions to ask, select a delay that matches your business model, and create your own “thank you” message/promotion.

Best of all, we make it simple for businesses to check how they’re doing. Everything is available in your online dashboard, 24/7. We’ll even send you a summary every month.

Talk To Your Customers.

The interaction doesn't need to end there. With Fetch, you can reach out to any customer about the review they gave. Take this opportunity to engage high priority customers, whatever that means for your store, and make sure you’re in touch with your loyal community.

We provide you with their name, email address, date of review, and of course, their feedback. You’re free to talk to them however you feel, about whatever you want—it is your business, after all! Start the conversation and begin truly understanding your customers.

Getting Started.

Setting up Fetch is just as simple as we made feedback. 3 steps and 5 minutes--that’s all it takes to be fully up and running.

  1. 1) Install the app in your Shopify store (that’s an easy one).

  2. 2) Create an account.

  3. 3) Choose what questions you want to ask, set your delay, and create your “thank you” message. Piece of cake.

No tricks, no waiting, and no coding required. Just a couple minutes and a pinch of creativity.

But if you need some help getting set up, check out our help page for a full walk-through.

Welcome to Fetch: understanding your customers should be this simple!

Fetch | 1-Tap Feedback reviews

6 reviews
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Fetch is a streamlined and effective way to connect with our customers.

The analytics dashboard is easy to navigate, allowing us to customize questions to target different purchasers and create the best customer service experience possible.

Best of all, setting up Fetch's customizable system is so simple! 5 minutes are you are on your way to interacting with your customers in a whole new way.

Definitely recommend! This app is a must for any online store, big or small.


Such a great app. Helped so much


Love the app. It's really easy to get set-up, and the team is a pleasure to work with. It solves a problem I had been encountering, and I'm sure a lot of others had as well!


Super straightforward. Installation and implementation are nearly instant, and responses have trickled in almost as soon as we turned the app on.

Had some hiccups installing and activating, but Russell and his dedicated team of developers were standing by every step of the way remedying any situation.

Works very well, and anything more complex or with any other bells and whistles I fear would actually deter people, as is the 100% case with most feedback apps.

This app strikes a perfect balance.


My 5 reasons (and 5 stars) for loving the Fetch app:

1) We love the idea. Our customers are everything, and Fetch helps us understand them so we can better serve them!
2) Everything works smoothly, and all promises are delivered on.
3) You’re able to customize everything to your liking, so it was easy to make this work for Canalien & Co.
4) It’s such an easy way to make sure every single customer is followed up with, and given a promotion.

An easy 5 stars. Highly recommend.


This is a must-have for any store! I have heard back from ~30% of my customers, and have used their feedback to continually improve my store. I've even gotten some compliments on how much they appreciate the service!

The best part is that it’s all automated. I just set it up and check it whenever I want online. They also have really great customer service. I’ve needed help so I've contacted their staff at some pretty unconventional times, and they’re always happy talk.

From $9.99 / month

Our plans are simple.

Every plan comes complete with every feature.
✓No set-up fee
✓No long contracts
✓No "premium" features

It's simply based on how many orders you get per month.

Check out our plans page by clicking here!

14 days

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Fetch | 1-Tap Feedback
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