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Find & replace words & characters from product descriptions.

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Quickly search all of your product descriptions for specific characters or words.


Easily replace them with new or better words/characters.


Efficiently correct errors and improve your product descriptions in bulk.

Om Perfection

What does this app do?

This app will help you easily search all of your product descriptions for specific characters or word, and replace them with another.

Why did we make this app?

  • So you can quickly fix typos and in your product descriptions.
  • So you can replace strange characters with nice characters.
  • So you can avoid exporting and re-importing you catalog to CSV.

How do I use this app?

  1. After installing the app, all of your product descriptions will be loaded.
  2. Then you simply search for a word or character you'd like to find.
  3. Then you specify what you'd like to replace that word with.
  4. This will generate on-screen preview for you to review.
  5. If the preview looks good, then you press 'replace'.
  6. The screen will show the progress as it updates each project description one by one.


Before making changes to your product descriptions using this app, we recommend that you back up your catalog using the export to CSV feature Shopify provides.

How do I get started?

The best way to get to know this app, is to install it on your store and try it for yourself.





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3.3 af 5 stjerner

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Ivory & Ink Stationery

APP DOES NOT WORK. I CONTACTED SUPPORT NO HELP OR REPLY. I would like to be refunded for the money I paid for this app please.

Udviklerens svar

7. august 2021

If the app did not work for you, I'm sorry. Happy to refund!

Btw, how many SKUs do you have? We've found that if you have more than 1,000 SKUs, the app probably won't work for you.


Beautifully simple app. Does one task really well. Ideal for fashion brands or stores with more than 10 products, regular product changes, seasonal ranges etc - and multiple Shopify stores in different locations.

LEGOLAND® California Resort Online Shop

*Update* Good news - the app is updated and it seems like it is back to working. I appreciate you ensuring i'm not charged multiple times. It is the simplest app i've found for this purpose, so glad to be able to use it again. ** May upgrade to 5 stars after the next billing cycle. Thanks When i first used the app, it performed perfectly! A great tool for what i needed and I was thrilled to save so much time. When the trial period was over, it needed approval for the subscription fee. I authorized it and have 3 emails showing the app charge was approved but cannot get the app to work. I tried using it on both Chrome and Edge. Emailed support for assistance more than 24 hours ago with no response. Would like to have it fixed because it really does what i need, fast and easy.

Udviklerens svar

31. marts 2021

I'm very sorry. We had some technical problems the last couple of days. Can you try again and let me know. Don't worry you won't be charged more than once. Also, I'm happy to refund you for the first charge!