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Bearbeitet am 14. Juli 2016

Just starting out on 14 day trial - have high hopes for product as auto-complete is such a useful function on an ecommerce site. Still testing but very happy so far. The support team is very responsive.

Breganwood Organics
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9. April 2018

It's a really good app. I love it. Unfortunately the prcing jumps dramatically to the essentials on up and since I have a ton of variants and I'm a new store, that hurts me greatly. But it's still a good app.

Geeky apparel store:

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Fast 4 jahre mit der App
19. Februar 2017

Good app, does the job, easy to use

Www Knokstore Com
Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
9. Oktober 2016

Easy to use. But doesn't always find theproduct, even if I type it in verbatim or type in the vendor. Have to tweak it a lot to get it to work.

Little Fox Design
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Etwa 3 jahre mit der App
3. Mai 2017

Great app

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Fast 3 jahre mit der App
1. Mai 2016

Very user friendly for users as well as admin.
Absolutely love their pricing model too.

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20. November 2016

Great product, we're currently on the free plan but we will definitely consider upgrading once our new website takes off.

Easy to use, my one suggestion would be to allow free users to use a couple of the paid for services, i think it would really help prove to them that its worth upgrading your plan.

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Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
25. Januar 2017

Acabei de instalar, mas, parece que pode me surpreender.

Mehr als ein jahr mit der App
11. April 2017

Seems like a great idea...wish there was some assistance with what it all means??

Campton Clothing Apparel
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Bearbeitet am 6. Juni 2017

Good app! Easily one of the best free apps available on Shopify and integration was surprisingly simple. This takes your store to a whole new level.

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