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FinditQuick Shopping Network

FinditQuick Shopping Network

Developed by FinditQuick

77 reviews
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  • 3 EASY CLICKS and your product listings can be uploaded and listed FREE on FinditQuick! NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED!
  • Get your products in front of 30 million monthly active and engaged customers on FinditQuick
  • Improve visibility with FinditQuick to get more orders and maximize your revenues. Our Quick Ads widgets will show your products on thousands of other related Shopify stores.

This app allows you to submit your products to FinditQuick in a quick and easy way. Once your products are listed, usually in a few minutes, you will then start gaining new customers from our desktop, email and mobile user base. You will Improve your visibility and conversion on the best shopping network that attracts millions of users every month. We even use our Quick Ads widgets to put your products on thousands of other related Shopify stores.

We display your products to millions of shoppers and then direct them to your website to buy.

Submission Limited to Shopify Stores With USD Currency Only. All submissions will go through a review process.

Simply Click on the Get Button, Click to Allow us to read your product information and then Click on the Import Button when prompted. It's as simple as that!

When you make a change to your product on Shopify, that change will be automatically updated in your product listing on FinditQuick. You will also have the ability to remove all products at anytime!

Advanced options available to promote specific products if desired.

Try it Free Today! Use the app to upload your products and then see them in our Directory. (Limited to 250 Products on Free Account)

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FinditQuick Shopping Network reviews

77 reviews
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  5. 1 star (15 reviews)

Do not install! There is NO finditquick.com anymore!!

Went though the installed apps I have and couldn't connect to finditquick. Okay, I will try finditquick.com.... nope. They are completely GONE!

It did give me some pretty good FREE traffic when it was up and running. Sad to think that this app is still available for download when it doesn't work.


.I have seen an improvement in traffic but still new to the app so I'll start here.And thank you Heather..
So some five months latter, I'm back. I had problems importing products into the app,so I reached out for help through emails and phone calls. I tried for weeks. No one answered.I thought, if I uninstall and reinstall the app, that might solve the problem, but no.Now I can't even install it anymore. It says, "site can't be reached" or something like that.I got an email form someone,saying, "you uninstalled the app" I tried to respond to it explaining why.But that mail came back undelivered.Can someone please tell me what is going on please? Does FinditQuick still exists for real?


Lost my rep and can't get a meeting. I'm not sure if they are in business anymore. Got rid of app.


I believe they went out of business. Could not access their site for the last 3 days. Am I the only one? I am uninstalling from my site.


i've had this installed from day 1 and have made a sale or 2. not much traffic but i use the free option and hey, a sale is a sale. check us out at macksie.com


A very great app from my store! Contacting customer service is easy and they are very helpful!


Great app! Gives us some much needed exposure, being a startup in the video game market. https://www.rantgoods.com


I told them I don't want to do business with them and they spam me with ads on my website. What a low life.... I need to contact shopify to remove them.....


Helped increase my website visits!


AVOID THIS APP LIKE THE PLAGUE! DO NOT give them your credit card... You will be SORRY you did! Fraudulent app. They charged my credit card for clicks on "boosted" (advertised) products BEFORE I got the "clicks". They did not deliver on the clicks I paid for - charged $70 and in the last 10 days, I've only used $28. They PROMISED 280 clicks per day for that amount over 5 days. They refuse to refund, refuse to stop the "ads". According to Google Analytics, the "Landing" pages are including pages that are RARELY, if EVER hit. There have been NO sales, and do to the erratic Landing Pages, I suspect they are using a Click Farm to generate worthless visitors. I have exchanged a total of 12 emails with this company and it has been of NO HELP. I am unable to remove my credit card. I have tried to remove my products from their site, but the "boosted" products remain. This is the data on the clicks of worthless, fraudulent traffic that they have given (It was promised as 280 clicks per day x 5 days): Date Engagements Paid Clicks Emails Retargets Total
1451 560 0 0 $28.000
2018-Jan-02 1 0 0 0 $0.000 Details
2018-Jan-04 601 265 0 0 $13.250 Details - 265 clicks
2018-Jan-05 135 68 0 0 $3.400 Details - 68 clicks
2018-Jan-06 130 54 0 0 $2.700 Details- 54 clicks
2018-Jan-07 115 59 0 0 $2.950 Details - 59 clicks
2018-Jan-08 93 42 0 0 $2.100 Details - 42 clicks
2018-Jan-09 79 27 0 0 $1.350 Details - 27 clicks
2018-Jan-10 88 24 0 0 $1.200 Details - 24 clicks
2018-Jan-11 93 6 0 0 $0.300 Details - 6 clicks
2018-Jan-12 54 8 0 0 $0.400 Details - 8 clicks
2018-Jan-13 44 5 0 0 $0.250 Details - 5 clicks
2018-Jan-14 18 2 0 0 $0.100 - 2 clicks

UPDATE January 16, 2018: FindItQuick has refunded my cost in full.


Free submission of your store and products into our directory and thousands of shopify sites with our Quick Ads! We do have other advertising opportunities available if you need a larger boost in traffic. This app is 100% Free Forever and you only have to upgrade to paid traffic if you wish...Your Choice!

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