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11 juni 2022

The app works ok, the admin area is glitchy is always says there is an error and to email support. Pricing was $23 on our account and now they are changing the price to $136 a month, what a huge scam. Get customers at a lower price then jump it 7X... I don't know if we will keep using it now that it's that costly.

DirtBound Offroad
12 månader användning av appen
29 juli 2018

I won't give a star review on an app I just downloaded and literally have not used. asking for a review in step 2 of the requirements for free set up is too pushy for me. If it works I will update review, but for now, no.

Crested Perch
7 månader användning av appen
Redigerat 29 september 2017

DON'T install this app! at the begining its perfect it works good and very user friendly and they ask you to write a good review (thats why they have so much), then it gets tricky, you cant export your subscribers, so if they change there pricing plans (wich they do all the time) or you are not satisfied you will loose all what you paid for.

6 månader användning av appen
21 januari 2022

This company ILLEGALLY stole $70 from my bank account without any permission. I am filling a criminal complain against this company, and presenting it to Shopify. I want my money back and I want Shopify to take action against this, because they are scamming people. DO NOT INSTALL THIS!

22 Lions
2 månader användning av appen
Firepush Ltd svarade 24 januari 2022

All charges and terms of the plan must be accepted through Shopify billing window so we cannot charge until the merchant agrees with the terms. We also refunded the merchant full amount as we always do.

When we contacted the merchant thorough email and Facebook, they started insulting us, being racist while we wanted to help them and explain the charges.

We reported this to Shopify, hopefully action is taken.

Redigerat 30 december 2016

Final Update: Wow. Just wow. It doesnt seem like this company has ANY professionalism as well. I dont know if some companies just have more respect than others, but my experience with people like Shopry (does the product review add ons) is amazing. A lot of different companies are good here. Then you have this guy Tom. Who is trying to threaten me to leave negative reviews for my store if I update my review with them. Really? Sounds like some people dont know how to act, here is there response when I told them I was coming back to them. WOW, all the lies? I have never edited this review, scroll down and everything is either opinion or promised and never received. Again I SPOKE TO THIS person on google hangouts when he first started. Calling a lead/customer a liar is CROSSING over the boundaries. Check out this additional threatening comment and this shows you the style and grace of this company. I will be reporting this company to shopify and I PRAY that they block them. Leave negative reviews for my site? You do realize that if I can SHOW google youre not a customer and your just an irrate person that DOESNT get along with an employee over an online dispute is against there tos. Again, to all people thinking about using them, go somewhere else. Aimtell is the better option (not as user friendly), but WAY more professionalism than this company. Also I will tell you that even by that screenshot they want you to go their competitors.

Another Update: The other day we spoke for about an hour via google hangouts to discuss what can be done to be fixing it. I told him everything and told them when they adjusted it and fixed it ill fix my review. They didnt fix it. Why does this not surprise me. If I ran my business with these morals I would be out of business.
I dont understanf when people say it cant be coded in a day, look at product reviews add on, they blast things out in less than 5 hours and they speak english very well and get things done NOW. I am sorry but the longer I wait for this app to repair I will keep my low rating up.

Well after using these guys for a week I can tell you that they didnt live up to the expectations i thought they would. For the first couple days it seems cool because its so simple because it shows you shipping notifications and what not. I wanted to remove the price drop pop up and even deactivating it it stayed there. Then I messaged them and was told I have to wait when I asked for updates on this. Wait a day, wait a day. Yeah i was tired of hearing that. I am a man of my word, if I say im going to do something ill do it. Keep the other stars up because if you want simple then this is it. There is no way for advanced notificatins (was told this is coming by thursday on friday still wasnt done) and custom campaigns. Both never happened. Thanks anyway. Let me also add the next issue your going to run into is the pop up is NOT configurable in a sense where you can design it for EACH notification. Its all or nothing.

This isnt so high maintenance where you have to add events and what not. This is for the important ones. Couple issues with launch, some of the pictures even the ones they use dont actually take up the whole left side of the banner. Also the biggest issue I have is not that simple of one. I am taking away a star just because for their notifications YOU CANT get the javascript or link for notify when available or any of the notifications by default. You have to deal with their cumbersome design (not horrible but not great). Then the next one im taking a star away for cart notifications. For delivery what if we dont have a cart page and its a pop up? They have to go to their account to subscribe to it. Again should have access to put this on whatever page you want to track delivery and shipping.

9 dagar användning av appen
15 april 2019

Terrible app, do not waste your time. Would not activate the abandoned cart sequences after spending a lot of time configuring it. Reached out to support and after 3 days no answer at all. I told them I would leave this review unless they got back to me, still nothing. Try something else instead.

8 dagar användning av appen
Firepush Ltd svarade 16 april 2019

We are really sorry you have not received support on time. Unfortunately we are not online 24/7
And support during weekends might be with small delays.

The reason you could not activate abandoned cart messages is suspicious activities when system checks certain things and suspends account for further investigation. We do that so to avoid situations when somebody hacks merchants account and uses it to send malicious messages to their customers.

We are more than happy to assist you during working hours. Lets have a quick call and check what we can do for you.

Redigerat 12 mars 2019

Don't bother with this app.

I used this app and it blocked me immediately from activating the SMS messaging. I was blocked due to "unusual activity" and couldn't use it and wasted time and money. Don't bother with it. The UI is bad too and there is no way to find out what your charges are.

To make matters worse, even though I didn't use the budget set on this app and uninstalled few days after realizing it is useless piece of crap, they still charged that amount.

All Stuff Wood
4 dagar användning av appen
26 juni 2018

Installed this ap, then was contacted about signing up for another service through them and when I went to make an appointment and told them that we could not do mornings I got the brush off response, well then "good luck" like they are making so much money they don't need any of us peasants money. Quickly uninstalled the ap. Will not pay money to a company that out of the chute could care less about their NEW customers.

Redneck Nation
4 dagar användning av appen
12 juli 2018

Haven't even had time to use the app yet, but it won't let me use it without reviewing first. So here you go.

Pretty Praise
Ungefär 21 timmar användning av appen
6 augusti 2017

Not worth the time for this app because you will not get any of your customers email address subscription but the app stores all data of your customers who click through. basically you help building their data base and email list and not yours.

Onthegopic Com
Ungefär 6 timmar användning av appen