Firewall ‑Country, IP restrict

Firewall ‑Country, IP restrict

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Country Restrict, IP Restrict , Firewall and secure access

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Country Restriction

Block the access to your Shopify store from different countries and redirect them to either your store for that country or block access

IP Restriction

Create a exclusive store for the employees of your company and allow it to be accessible only from specific IPs to protect the content

Avoid stealing of content

Disable Right Clicks , Keyboard shortcuts , mouse drag and image copying through which no one can steal/misuse content of your store

Über Firewall ‑Country, IP restrict

Country Restriction and IP Restriction ( Firewall ) :

Restrict unwanted traffic from the countries and IPs and keep you content secure from getting misused or from getting stolen . Any visitor from specific countries or from IPs will not be able to get a glance of your store and they will be auto redirected to a Access Denied Page. Keep your store blocked from as many countries you want .

Do you have multiple Store for each region ? And you want to redirect the user to correct store based on from which country they are accessing the store then it's easily possible. You can redirect the user to correct country store .

You don't ship to a particular country and you want to stay away from fake orders then this application is the best option . Block the countries where you don't ship the products so you don't get unwanted traffic and stay away from spammers .

You can keep your store exclusive for the employees of the company by allowing only certain IPs and restricting other IP . Also , if you have some company confidential information and you want to keep store accessible from company intranet network then restrict the other IP and allow specific set of IP .

Country Block and IP Restriction not only improves the level of secuiry of your store but increases the trust of your customers and keep spammers and bot away from your store .

Keeping your store behind a firewall will keep your store and critical customer information protected and you can claim that you have top notch security on your store to increase trusts of customer .

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3.7 von 5 Sternen

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This one solved our special requirement for allowed IP-addresses list.
Special thanks for your Customer Support team!

Great Garden Plants

This app works great for blocking countries! I upgraded to the premium and it works excellent to block VPNs. I have a VPN and I tested several different countries and it worked perfectly. Support is also great and very speedy.

Greenvill Crafts

The app does not work well - The main problem, when deleting the app and using the "Stop the Protection" delete option first, the app is not deleted correctly - this leaves a message .. Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/mo-firewall.liquid Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/mo-firewall.liquid Liquid error: Could not find asset snippets/mo-firewall.liquid on the front end so looks bad from a customers perspective

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