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This is a nice app if you want to feel good about yourself for a little while.
A contest is a quick and easy way to build a list...

Just keep in mind that the list you receive from the Marketplace might not be the best quality leads you get.

It's much better to simply use the contest on your own site and get real leads from people who visited your site and know about you or else you might get lot's of spam complaints or unsubscribes when you send your first campaigns.

They do have great customer service too.
A young startup very responsive to their clients.


The app works great and we are getting lots to sign up for our email list. The verdict is still out on whether or not this will be an effective way to gather emails. I do know that our last gathering of addresses did not all come from fishbowls site as we promoted it on our social media and on our blog and received comments from people that actually have interest in our store. At this time, it seems good, but we need more time to see if it is effective. It was easy to install and very easy to use.

Love Kari Dae

Bad!....Just really bad! Yes, it helps build your email list. But as soon as you send your first email to those people, they all unsubscribe. All of the new signeups came directly from the fishbowl site. None have actually visited my site and are clearly not really interested in my products. They are just a bunch of people trying to win something. All of the unsubscribes can cause mailchimp and other mail services to freeze your account. I do not recommend this app to anyone who wants good solid leads that include people who are actually interested in your product.

Sprout Soup

While the app installed easily and the widget looked great on the website, like the other reviewers, the vast majority of our entries came from the Fishbowl website. We had about 6% of the entries come from our own site and I expect the other 94% aren't truly interested in our products and were just there to try to win something. I expressed my concerns to the Fishbowl support team and was told that Fishbowl users are very happy with the results. Well I'm not, and obviously there are others here who aren't.

That said, if you're looking to gain a lot of random email addresses, this is the app for you! If you want to encourage visitors to your site to give you their email address, move along. There are better widgets for that.

I Heart My Curves

this isnt free. You have to pay $50/week to promote.


UPDATE #2... Some shop owners using this app have had complaints that contestants are unlikely to be customers. I would like to address these from my perspective. The claim that some contestants are just in it for the prize and not really interested in your business might very well be true. However, it is a way to expose people to your product or service. Imagine running an ad in a newspaper, or even a banner ad on a blog website? How many of those that are seeing it really want what you have? You run those types of ads for exposure in the hopes of hooking an interested few people along the way. Fishbowl is the same sort of thing. From our personal experience, we are seeing lower percentages of those that click something in the promo emails that we send. This is because we have an increased number of "just-signed-up-for-the-contest" people on our email list. HOWEVER, we have seen an increase in conversion to sales of those that do click. To us, this means that Fishbowl is giving us more sales activity. Isn't that what its all about? Read the rest of my comments that address the complaint about Mailchimp locking accounts.

UPDATE #1... We are still very pleased after sending promotional emails to address acquired through Fishbowl. To be more specific, we have sent four promo emails in the past seven days to the Fishbowl addresses. To be honest, we are bordering on being spammy. But even with that being the case, we have had a mere 8.4% of the Fishbowl addresses either unsubscribe or bounce. That is a 91.6% retention rate. I'll take those exposure numbers for new prospective customers all day, every day.


We have been quite pleased with this the Fishbowl app. It has grown our email list beyond our expectations.

I would like to comment on the bad experiences that others have mentioned. While I am sure there are many people out there that enter a sweepstakes and have no interest in the product/website, that is fine with me. We are looking for exposure. Just like running an ad on TV, most viewers don't care. As for the emails be "fake", I'm not sure what good that would do someone. Not only does the email need to be verified before it is passed along, a fake email can't win anything. As for Mailchimp taking issue with importing the emails, I have not experienced such. Keep in mind that Mialchimp requires verification if there is a high "complaint" to list ratio. I believe that as long as the complaints don't exceed 1 for every 1000 in your list, you are safe. Perhaps the bad experience that others have had was because their pre-sweepstake list was not very large and the imported emails reflected a significant increase in their list size. Our experience has shown a small increase in "complaints", but the number of unsubscribes has not increased per email campaign. I should mention that we have sent three emails over the Black Friday / Cyber Monday promo period. I would suggest that users of the Fishbowl app go through the download steps avery couple of days and find reason to send a promo email as frequently. Alternatively, you could import the Fishbowl sweepstakes emails into an email list called "Sweepstakes". Then send that specific list an email that thanks them for subscribing (and encourages them to unsubscribe if they don't want to hear about your exciting offers). After a couple of days, that list should be whittled down to those that are either interested or, at least, docile enough to keep. At that point, merge those emails into your primary list.

After that long-winded commentary, I want to reiterate that we have been more than pleased with the results. Like any app, there's always room for improvement. The developer will surely add features over time that refines the purity and effectiveness of the emails that are collected.

My advice would be for those that have concerns, try it. Just start with a short sweepstakes duration (just a few days). See how it works for you. I anticipate that you'll want to keep using the app for more sweepstakes.

So Me Plush

Elevate Ink's review is exactly what I was going to write and exactly my experience as well. All the subscribers to the contest are fakes and have no interest in your product or website. I wrote the Developer about this issue and to immediately discontinue my contest and remove it from their site. I received no response from them. Once you create it, you can't stop it, even if you uninstall their app from your store. Horrible!!! 0 Stars if I could.

Elevate Ink

---- Original post 12/1/15 ----
I'll be uninstalling this app ASAP. On the surface, everything works fine. There were a lot of people who signed up really quickly, helping me grow my mailing list fast. It was exciting! It was easy to install and things were going great until I sent my first email campaign with all of these new subscribers, most of whom signed up straight from the Fishbowl website and never visited my actual site. Well, one after another immediately unsubscribed from my mailing list, which triggered MailChimp to freeze the import function on my account and send a reconfirm email to everyone who was imported. Thank God there are some people who are completing the double opt-in to stay on my mailing list, but what a hassle! So I'll say thanks, but no thanks, and this will definitely be my first and last Fishbowl giveaway.

---- Update 12/10/15 ----

I've kept the app running on my site just in case, as the developer said that they were working on a MailChimp integration that implements the double opt-in, which will save me time and protect my mailing list. They announced that release today, so I'll be trying that out and will update my review again. Also, the developer adjusted my campaign so that only people who sign-up from my website are added to the drawing, removing it from the marketplace. So in the meantime, I am going to follow MailChimp's advice and send an email separate from MailChimp inviting these people to subscribe to our mailing list, and see how many actually do. Of the 80 or so that caused the initial freeze, maybe 15-20 of them actually opted-in, so not bad. I haven't sent out another email yet, but I will. I'm still on the fence about whether or not it's all worth it, but I bumped my rating up to 3 stars from 1 star since I do have a handful of new subscribers that I got for free, and that's got to be worth something, right?

Your Natural Shop

We're extremely picky about our business and this is our first review of any of the apps we've used.

This app is hands down, one of the best tools to generate leads, traffic to your site and on top of that, its free.

We've had to delete other free apps but we're happy to say this ones here to stay for good!

Our experience with Bold in general has been very positive in all aspects. They appear professional and knowledgeable, they're quick to respond to questions and their apps are all effective.

Thanks guys!


Evlution Nutrition

Very useful app for collecting email address for marketing. Highly recommended!