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Developed by Styku

16 reviews
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  • Predict Apparel and Shoe sizes for customers
  • Reduce online returns and increase customer confidence in your sizing and fit.
  • Easy to install across all your apparel products.

Sell More and Refund Less

Shopping for clothing and footwear online can be difficult without knowing how a garment or shoe will fit. FitFyle gives customers the ability to find their best size right on the product page, making them 105% more likely to buy, and 52% less likely to return.

How It Works

FitFyle creates a customizable button on your product page asking customers "What size fits best?". When clicked, a lightbox appears and your customer is asked basic questions about items in their closet to help determine their best fit.

The customer is presented with size recommendations after answering the questions. As they browse through other products on your site, the best size for them is shown on each product page.

Predictive Technology

FitFyle is consumer driven, and requires no garment measurements in order to provide recommendations. Rather, FitFyle uses predictive technology (similar to Netflix and Pandora) that catalogs people's brand and size preferences and matches them with similar users to determine your customer's fit and size preferences in your products. Have specs? Enter in product information and sizing information and to produce size charts, to provide even more accurate recommendations.

Simple to Install and Configure

As soon as you've set up which product categories to use, a button will appear on the product page and your customers will start receiving size and fit recommendations.

Set up includes customization options to

  • Change the colors and size of the widget/button on your product pages.
  • Choose the location where you want the button to dock on your customer's browser window, or embed the button in your theme.
  • Choose which product categories you want the button to appear for.

  • **Update** Improved Auto product category matching.

  • **Update** Customize the units of specs (cm or inches) and customer measurements, like height and weight. Choose from imperial and metric.

  • **Update* Enter in product specs to improve your recommendation engine.

  • **Coming Soon** Send customers fit surveys to improve your recommendation engine.

Fit Analytics

Measure the ROI directly from your dashboard. Log into your FitFyle dashboard to see how many times customers have viewed the button, clicked on it, and added the product to their cart, all updated automatically.

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FitFyle reviews (15)


Great app. Does take some adjustments to get the size suggestions to work accurately, but once configured it is great.


Great idea and potential, but does not work. sizing is way off!!! :(


This app have great potential! it have all the little details for this to work.(auto install, great dashboard etc.) The only but BIG problem is that it simply dont work correctly. I think that with time and adjustments, this app will be a hit.


Amazing app! So user friendly too


Exactly what I was looking for! Also, their team is very responsive to my questions.


Great idea but 1. It doesn't work if you combine mens and women options on one product page (e.g. shirt design with M&W options) 2. This app often hangs on saving options and crashed my whole store during testing. Great idea, but definitely not fully baked at the moment.


Love this app! give to the customer an answer and hey feel more relax and confident to buy the item!


GREAT POTENTIAL but not for us, especially in the UK Market, can not be tailored enough to suit UK buyers and the Brand selection is not representative of our store.


A great app that saves us a lot of work and headache! A little down side is the rather slow load time on the product page. Other than that a great, easy to use app that will surely make customers more comfortable about placing orders.


I really like the concept of this app. It's attractive and pretty easy to use. But I do have one problem with it that has stopped me from using it. I don't like the brand selection area. I've never heard of these brands (probably because I'm in the UK) and I don't really want a massive list of brands popping up on my site. That function is also a little messy. Instead I'd prefer it if customers could just fill in their dimensions and what type of fit they prefer. I'm happy to write in the dimensions of my products and make fit suggestions for each time that the app can then utilize and make accurate suggestions to my customers based on my brand. I do see the value in it collecting data of all the different brands but it's not something I'd want to use. As soon as the above becomes an option, I'll use this app :)

Free – $29.00 / month
7 days

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