Fenix Intelligent Delivery

Fenix Intelligent Delivery

開發者:Fenix Commerce Inc

Improve customer shopping experience, conversion and profits

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Increase conversion

Clearly communicate accurate Estimated Delivery Dates and Ship costs including PDP, Cart and Checkout to increase conversion.

Increase Revenue from Shipping

Lower actual shipping costs and increase revenues using real-time carrier and dynamic delivery options on the checkout.

Faster/Cheaper Delivery Option

Fenix optimizes the delivery options based on the customer location, inventory location and carrier shipping services used by the merchant.

有關 Fenix Intelligent Delivery

App Installation Requirements

  • Merchant must have an online store and business address must be in the USA
  • Merchant must have at least one fulfillment center in the USA
  • Delivery Estimates provided to only USA domestic buyer address orders at the checkout page using USA domestic carrier services of UPS and USPS
  • Merchant must accept USD Currency
  • Delivery Estimates not provided to International orders

Fulfillment Optimization for your Shoppers—and your Ops team

Per the latest market research, one of the biggest reasons shoppers abandon their carts is due to a lack of clarity for accurate delivery dates. Shoppers are demanding that visibility early in the shopping journey, just like top retailers in the world. The stakes have never been higher to address this critical shopper's need.

Retailers and brands deal with ever-increasing shoppers' delivery expectations, customer acquisition costs, and increased carrier fees. To successfully compete and grow in this environment requires an enterprise-level platform that can use AI and your data insights to optimize every shopper's journey dynamically. It ensures that you provide the best possible experience to your shoppers, resulting in topline growth without sacrificing profitability. The FenixCommerce Intelligent Delivery App addresses both of these issues by providing your shoppers with accurate Estimated Delivery Dates (EDDs) and Smart Shipping Costs—while giving your fulfillment team powerful tools to help them hit those EDDs using the lowest-cost-possible shipping services

Business Value Delivered

The IDP increases conversion and shipping revenue while reducing pre-sales inquiries.

Key Capabilities

  • Accurate Estimated Delivery Dates set clear expectations: Improve conversion, reduce customer inquiries, and provide a personalized experience to each shopper with accurate EDDs in your checkout.
  • Customize your checkout based on your business: Personalize your checkout for each shopper by presenting your choice of actual rates, flat rates, table-based rates, and promotional shipping offer like free shipping based on customer segments like first time buyers, loyal customers and many more.
  • Save money on shipping with real-time carrier rate shopping: Connect your carrier accounts and let the IDP do the rest. The IDP can rate-shop every shipment (including dimensional weights and split/combined orders) in real-time to select the most cost-effective carrier/service that will support the shipping option chosen by the customer.



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  • 650-308-4443
  • fixd.idp@fenixcommerce.com

定價 30 天免費試用


每月 $329

或每年一次收費 $3,619,按每月 $301.58 計費

Plus $0.21 per order for over 1000 orders

  • Up to 1000 Orders/month

  • Delivery dates & shipcosts on PDP, Cart and Checkout

  • Smart order routing, Multi-location inventory,

  • Premium support


每月 $949

或每年一次收費 $10,439,按每月 $869.92 計費

Plus $0.21 per order for over 5000 orders

  • Up to 5000 Orders/month

  • Delivery dates & shipcosts on PDP, Cart and Checkout

  • Smart order routing, Multi-location inventory

  • Premium support


每月 $1,849

或每年一次收費 $20,339,按每月 $1,694.92 計費

Plus $0.21 per order for over 10000 orders

  • Up to 10000 Orders/month

  • Delivery dates & shipcost on PDP, Cart and Checkout

  • Smart order routing, Multi-location inventory

  • Premium support



Plus $0.21 per order for over 100 orders

  • Up to 100 Orders/month

  • Delivery dates & shipcosts on PDP, Cart and Checkout

  • Smart order routing, Multi-location inventory,

  • Basic support

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

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We were looking to provide our customers estimated delivery dates on the product, cart and checkout pages and found FenixCommerce, we soon discovered that they could help us implement our unique shipping costs rules that were not supported by Shopify and created a lot of headache for us with the Shopify Shipping profiles….Their around-the-clock support,
easy set up, massive back-end configurability, and insightful recommendations are better than anything else we've experienced from an app provider with in Shopify eco-system.
Fenix is a top-notch partner that we highly recommend for any D2C brand looking to improve end to end customer experience, grow conversion and automate painful shipping operations, all at once.