Fixel Retargeting & Lookalikes

Fixel Retargeting & Lookalikes

von Fixel AI Inc

Target high value visitors with Retargeting & Lookalike ads

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Discover new high performing audience segments by using highly engaged users to seed lookalike audiences​


Filter out low-quality audiences that waste your marketing resources


Supercharge your retargeting campaigns by focusing on engaged users with higher purchase intent​

Über Fixel Retargeting & Lookalikes

Scale with confidence by using AI-based audiences in your ad campaigns!

Already adopted by leading stores like, Athletic Greens, and more!

What is Fixel?

Fixel uses cutting-edge AI technology to score visitors based on their engagement with your website.

Fixel takes into account 60+ data points and turns them into a simple, actionable metric.

  • Basic - Targeting visitors who have reached a Basic engagement level filters out unengaged visitors from your campaigns
  • Medium - Targeting visitors who reached a Medium engagement level and viewed a product page with dynamic product ads to remarket beyond abandoned cart
  • High - Visitors who reached a high engagement level can be used to create granular lookalike audiences

Fixel has helped industry leaders like GaiaStock, and go above and beyond their expectations. For more customer success stories, visit our website.

Ways to Work with Fixel:

With the help of Fixel, you’ll be able to vastly increase the volume of your retargeting campaigns, honing in on audience segments reserved for enterprise-level teams. Fixel is easy for any business to implement! It works right out of the box and allows you to focus on what’s really important, which is knowing that your retargeting efforts are working at maximum efficiency.


You can use Facebook Ads or Google Adwords to create dynamic retargeting campaigns aimed at highly engaged users, which we call Fixel High audiences.

Lookalike Audiences

You can use the Fixel High audience, which is of extremely high quality and comparable to cart abandonment, but larger, to create lookalike audience seeds with superior accuracy.

Visit our website for case studies

Learn how leading Shopify stores such as, Shinesty, and Blush&Bar used Fixel to boost their remarketing.

Fixel in the Media:

Fixel has been mentioned on Forbes Magazine, VWO, CXL, and PPC Hero. We've also been picked by Outbrain as one of their "7 Hacks for Using Outbrain with Other Performance-Based Marketing Channels".

Integriert mit

  • Pinterest Ads,
  • Microsoft Ads,
  • Facebook Ads,
  • Google Ads,
  • Google Analytics



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  • Integrations with Facebook & Google Ads

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  • Integrations with Facebook & Google Ads

Fixel Pro Plus


  • Free 14 day Trial
  • 500k sessions a month
  • Custom integrations
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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הסטודיו לתכשיטים ראש פינה

I use this tool even before it reaches Sopify. helps me with remarketing, lowering conversion costs and faster scales. fantastic customer service. Must note it works better on high traffic site

Doona™ USA

Great tool! Highly recommended! The 3 FB audience groups that the app creates based on users' engagement helped us in our efforts to reduce our CTA and improve our remarketing funnel 

Lucy's - חנות חיות חברתית

If you have enough traffic on regular basis, you should definitely give this app a try. After a month of use, my remarketing results improved, and I'm eager to check the LAL audiences based on the audiences this app produce