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Flair product badges

Flair product badges

Developed by Burst Commerce

13 reviews
Price: $49.00 More info
  • Make more sales: Promote scarcity, social proof, promotions, and new arrivals with product badges designed to convert
  • You set the rules: Automatically display badges based on your own custom defined rules, including availability, best sellers, new arrivals, and sale price
  • Buy once, use forever: Buy Flair for an affordable one-time fee and it's yours forever (including free updates). The app should pay for itself in no time.

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Make more sales in your store with Flair product badges

Flair makes it easy to add product badges to help your Shopify store make more sales.

How can Flair product badges help you make more sales?

You see, product badges are a great way to highlight specific products in your store. By making your products stand out from the sea of other products, customers are more likely to take notice and buy them.

You can combine Flair product badges with proven marketing techniques such as scarcity and social proof to make your products sell even faster.

Use Flair to promote product scarcity and increase conversions

Scarcity is a powerful product marketing technique because it triggers customers to buy more often before a product sells out.

Flair has built-in support for promoting product scarcity badges based on a configurable inventory threshold.

Promoting your items that are almost sold out should lead to more conversions for your store.

Want to add some social proof to your store? Flair has you covered.

You can use Flair to display social proof indicators for products in your store.

Social proof helps customers decide to purchase a product based on what other shoppers like within your store.

Flair has built-in support for displaying product badges based on any product tag such as best sellers, recently purchased or any other social proof related tag you'd like to add to your products.

You can use Flair to promote your on-sale and promotions items so they sell even faster

Flair badges make your on-sale and promotion products really stand out among the rest of the products in your store.

The more attention you can bring to your promotion items, the more products you should sell.

Flair can display product badges based on the sale percentage amount so your customers will know what a great deal they are getting.

You can also use Flair to feature other promotions by using custom tags such as Buy One, Get One promotions and more.

Are your new arrivals getting the attention they deserve? Flair can help with that.

The new arrivals in your store could use a boost to get them selling faster.

Making sure your customers know which products are new is a great way to get them selling faster.

Flair supports displaying product badges based on the creation date of the products within your store.

Buy once, own Flair forever

You pay a one-time, affordable fee to buy Flair, and it's yours forever.


That's right. Flair was built with the goal of being an affordable one-time fee app.

How many additional sales would your store need to recoup your Flair purchase?

Once that happens, you get to enjoy Flair at no additional cost.

Built for speed - regardless of your shop’s size or sales volume

Flair was built from the ground up with speed in mind.

How does this work?

Flair product badges run 100% within Shopify's ecosystem so there is not a chance of it slowing down your store.

In fact, Flair doesn't even use Javascript so your page load times should be unaffected.

30 Day, no risk, 100% money back guarantee

I guarantee you will love Flair or i'll give you a full refund.

If Flair doesn't work for your store for ANY reason within the first 30 days, I'll refund your payment in full.

I'm always willing to work with you to help get Flair working in your store if you run into any issues. But either way, you can always opt for the full refund so there is no risk in trying Flair right now.

Does Flair have a free trial?

Flair does not have a free trial - and here's why:

Flair was designed to be an affordable, one-time fee app. However, Shopify does not support free trials for one-time fees.

However you can try out Flair on your store at no risk thanks to the 30 day 100% money back guarantee listed above.

Flair product badges reviews

13 reviews
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The APP is great and Tom was super helpful in getting it set up correctly!


LOVE the app! Exactly what we needed to have items stand out. I love that you can set different rules and create automatic badges. And it's a one time fee!!! Tom was amazing in helping me set up and was super quick to respond. Thanks again!


Amazingly simple and easy-to-understand app producing well designed results.
Tom Davies level of customer attention and support simply remarkable.


Great app and very helpful support!


Tom is super trustworthy and literally did everything for me in a matter of minutes. 10/10 would recommend


Great app that Loads Instantly instantly using fast CSS and scripts = great for SEO Speed Points= exactly as promised. Support was super responsive. Highly recommended!

The app is great for those who want a simple and fast loading badge.

Anyway we have to stop using this app as it did not meet our needs....
- To have ribbons/badges ON THE Collection page IMAGE, which this app does not do.
= It can only be placed around the title as CSS

- Support multiple badges on the image


Tom was very helpful and accommodating to my requests. Definitely a useful app at a vert fair price


Great app that does exactly as promised. Support from Tom was super responsive. Highly recommended!


We install the flair badge to segment our pre-order product. Tested on desktop & mobile it does not slow your product pages.

Overall we are happy with the way it displays on shopify. It looks nice and you can customize the color of your liking.

We would recommend this app. Best of all, it's one time purchase. You won't have monthly commitment.

Thank you flair badge. We have been looking for a solution to solve our pre-order problem. And this app solve it.


Great support from Tom. Flair badges have already produced results for my business, I'm pleased to recommend this app.


Flair only charges a one-time fee so you can pay an affordable price upfront and continue using it forever.

You can try Flair now, risk free, with the 30 day, no risk, 100% money back guarantee.


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