Automate your sales campaigns and flash instant offers

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Set and Forget

Easily manage and automate your sales campaigns in one place

Convert Quickly

Get instant attention to your limited-time offers and invoke impulse buying

Insta-Buy Button for Your Blog

Cross-sell related products on relevant blog pages

Om FlashPop

Boost sales by impressing a flash offer notification that would trigger your customers to buy on emotion.

It takes your viewers to the product page or adds the product to the shopping cart, instantly converting them into customers.


  • Uses your store's theme fonts for a seamless front-end look
  • Customizable and fully responsive
  • Includes a countdown timer to create a sense of urgency
  • Automate the scheduling process by setting the start time and end time
  • Automatically reverts the product's sale price to its original price when a campaign ends
  • Automatically disables the popup when you run out of inventory and notifies you via email.
  • Won't be blocked by popup blockers
  • Completely white labeled. No 'powered by xxx'

You may optionally not show the popup if you wish and only use the app for managing your products on sale.

You won't have any problems using this app!

  • No design background necessary
  • No coding or any technical expertise required
  • No modifications in your store's theme
  • No bugs in your store if you decide to uninstall it

About TurnTech

TurnTech is a Toronto-based boutique software shop that builds custom web and mobile apps to help small and medium-sized organizations solve their e-commerce and marketing-related problems.



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  • Politik om beskyttelse af persondata findes ikke
  • flashpop-support@turntech.ca

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3.3 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Alma Zarazua Online

Super recomendable. Tenía un problema con la actualización de los precios pero ahora todo resulta bien. Además de que me brindaron ayuda muy rápida por correo electrónico. Muchas gracias. Seguiré probando esta aplicación pero estoy segura que todo irá bien.

Northern Knits 5

Works amazing! Does exactly what it says it'll do. The UI is intuitive and easy to setup.

I used it to put a flash sale on yesterday. It was super easy to schedule the sale and have it end so that I didn't even have to be on my computer. FlashPop just reverted my price back to normal. I'll definitely recommend this to others.

Pure Hearts International

It failed on installation for me.