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Flashy ‑ Marketing Automation

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All-In-One Marketing Automation Platform for eCommerce

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Flashy app for Shopify allows you to sync your historical and on-going data in one click.


Instantly activate a variety of pre-built automations and pop-ups to send highly targeted and relevant emails.


From pop-ups, through segmented emails to targeted Facebook audiences, Flashy allows you to reach any customer.

Om Flashy ‑ Marketing Automation

Flashy: All-In-One Marketing Automation platform.

With one click installation you will be able to do email marketing, SMS marketing and marketing automation with your customers and visitors based on purchase history and website activity.

One Click Install

Once installing our Email Marketing App we import all your data (customers, orders, products) from Shopify and automatically segments your customers, we create a the must-have workflow every store needs: * Browse & Cart Abandonment * Cart Abandonment

Automation Builder

Create full, complex journeys that carefully guide customers in the right direction. From conditions, A/B tests, purchase history, website behavior, and more options to choose from, you can craft the right journey for any occasion.

Examples: * Reduce Cart Abandonment: Send email 3 hours after cart abandoned, if the cart value more than X add coupon code, send another email after 24 hours if the the purchase not completed. * Retention: Send email 10 days after last purchase, wait 24 hours if the customer didn't open the last email send text message. * Up-Sell / Cross-Sell: After customer made a purchase from one category or specific product bud didn't purchase from another category (e.g bought jeans but not a jacket) * And many more..

Email Marketing Campaigns

The perfect combination for automated marketing is an email campaign sent to all of your contacts, here is where we will drill down (granular) accurate actions performed. The contents of each campaign becomes dynamic to every client, our platform enables us to analyze all key data points and leverage them to get deeper into the funnel. In essence, campaigns are the fuel of the automations, when your customers visit the site, add products to their cart, they will then enter the appropriate automation.


We know when and what pop-ups to make appear to your customer, the best location for your pop-ups, what products to show them and offer a variety of options that provide customers with a unique and personal purchase experience.

  • Reduce Cart Abandonment: Show popup when customer about to leave the website (if he have more than X on his cart offer them coupon code.)
  • Up-Sell: Show popup after customer add specific product to the cart.
  • Up-Sell: If you offer free shipping from $100 show popup for customer that the cart value is between: $50-$90 so they can use that offer.

Free Academy

Our platform very powerful and with many features, to make sure you making the most of Flashy platform we provide you with video courses and lessons to make you the best marketer out there.

Managed Accounts

We offer managed account that we will create and optimize everything for your business.

Integrerar med

  • Zapier,
  • Mailchimp





Based on numbers of contacts

  • An alternative to MailChimp



Based on numbers of contacts

  • For eCommerce that want to increase sales through powerful cross-channel marketing automation: Email, Popups, SMS and Social Media Ads



Based on numbers of contacts

  • Advanced Reports & CRM



Based on numbers of contacts

  • Machine Learning & AI for maximum automatic personalization and segments

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5.0 av 5 stjärnor

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Rafael is very helpful with customising the templates... good job! looking forward to the upcoming marketing campaigns.


I used to have two app, one to send emails and other to have pop ups on my store. The image / design is very important so I had to use two. Now iI found Flashy and it is amazing. I just use one app to send beautiful emails and have top Pop ups to colect leads. So far, this app is one that all ecommerce should have. The app is user friendly but even if someone have doubts, the support team is TOP.


The app is extremely user-friendly, especially for someone like me. I am an accountant by career, yet artist by heart. I am creating an entire e-commerce company on my own, therefore my hands are in a LARGE learning curve. The only issue I found was sending test emails to myself (outlook). The images on the email received appeared slightly different than if the test email was sent via Google email address. Flashy is currently working on resolving this issue with Outlook. I highly appreciate working with Flashy and their representatives for all their assistance and patience.