FlexOffers Affiliate Marketing

FlexOffers Affiliate Marketing

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At Scale, Simplified Strategic Performance-Based Partnership


Who is FlexOffers?

We are a performance-based network providing comprehensive solutions to both advertisers and publishers

Access Online Publishers

FlexOffers publishers offer you years of experience and expertise in the affiliate marketing industry

Real-Time Tracking & Reports

Monitor activity as it happens on your site in real-time, giving you an accurate insight into how your campaigns are performing

FlexOffers Affiliate Marketingの詳細情報

About FlexOffers – Affiliate Marketing

FlexOffers publishers work as a supplement to your sales team. We are committed to forming new partnerships, strengthening existing ones, and identifying new strategic media opportunities. Our knowledgeable account managers are here to assist you in growing your affiliate business and effectively monetizing your traffic.

We help turn digital publishers into e-commerce businesses by providing high-touch account management that combines the power of affiliate marketing with the strategic guidance of a recognized agency. It is not necessary for one size to fit all. We can collaborate with you if you require an unconventional strategy.

This Shopify App is easy to set up and allows you to track and manage sales and activity from affiliate partners (also known as publishers, influencers, and bloggers) who are part of the FlexOffers network. The app is the only integration needed for Shopify stores and it gives full access to the FlexOffers tracking platform where you can control publishers in detail, promote various programs, products, and services with innovating marketing content, and examine real-time campaign performance results. With Real-Time tracking, you can keep track of the effects of new campaigns on your traffic in real-time.

To proceed you need to have a FlexOffers account (click Developer website to apply). Your account will provide you with an ‘Advertiser ID,’ which is required to set up the Shopify app. Your FlexOffers account has a profile page that is specific to your business, where you can select the commission you choose to offer publishers and all the features and controls you need to grow your program to its fullest potential.

A FlexOffers support specialist is always one click, email, or phone call away. A ticket system is in place if you require immediate service during non-regular working hours. A ticket system is also an option if you simply prefer to use the online support system to further detail any issues or help that you may require.





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