Let users have a 360 degree view of your product.

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Better Product View

Let Customers look at the product from different angles (just as they would in a physical store).

Increased Sales

Customers are more likely to buy a product if they can view it from different angles.

Reduced Product Listing Time

Reduce time/cost to list a new product. No need to take lots of photos. Take a few photos & customers can view them from different angles.


FRPI - Flip and Rotate Product Image

We’ve all done it at one point – walk into a shop, pick up a shoe/any other product, hold it in your hand, turn it left, right, up, down, and then pay if we’re satisfied. Give your customers a chance to do the same on your online store and increase the probability of making a sale.

With the App, you also reduce the number of thumbnail photos of your product that you have to take (you normally take multiple photos of your product from different angles).

The widget ONLY shows on the 'Product Page' and is automatically positioned at the ‘bottom right hand side’ of the featured image. As the page is resized, it is repositioned.

You can also customize the colors of the widget to match your website theme color.

Configuring the App is quite simple

  1. Click the ‘Edit’ button.
  2. Specify a value for your product image class (this is what the App uses to identify the image on which the widget will appear. See our website for more information on how to determine the product image class).
  3. You can also change the colors of the flip arrows and the rotate icon.
  4. Click the 'Save' button.

Using the App is also quite simple & intuitive

  1. Customers can click on the left, right, up and down arrows to flip the image in the respective directions.
  2. To rotate the image, they simply press down on the small white knob and turn it clockwise or counter-clockwise.
  3. To reset the image to its original position, they simply click the inset reset/refresh icon.

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