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Flits - Upgrade Customer Account Page

Flits - Upgrade Customer Account Page

Developed by Flits

47 reviews
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  • Convert Your Customer Account Page To Classic Look.
  • Store Credit + Social Login + Wishlist
  • Reorder + Recently Viewed Products + customer Profile

Role of Customer Account Page

Summarize customer data into one place including store credit, reorder, recently viewed products, customer profile, delivery address, change account password.Customers may forget what you said but they'll never forget how you made them feel.

Social Login

let’s go through the benefits that are immediately visible:

Simple,Easy,Fast = More sign-ups!

Permission-based contact details like email ID can be pulled in from
the social networks.

Most people only have one social profile on each network, making the retrievable data more authentic. Fake emails will no longer penetrate your sign-ups!

Multipass For Shopify Plus

Flits Multipass login is exclusively for Shopify Plus merchants and allows you to manage customer logins seamlessly if you have customers with accounts on another platform. An awesome and essential feature for any enterprise-class store with multiple content sites.

Social Login at checkout for Shopify plus

When properly utilized, social login buttons provided on checkout page can give rich opportunities for merchants.We will implement in your store as per your request.


Offering wish lists is an effective way to reduce shopping cart abandonment and fulfill sales from customers who showed intent but didn't end up purchasing.

Complete control over look and feel based on your theme.

*We will take care of your existing wishlist data through our import wishlist data through CSV feature.


Customers can add previous orders directly to their cart from their order history with a single click.Not only does this feature make the user’s shopping experience easier, but it also saves valuable time off the ordering process.

It’s kind of strategy to continue making sales to your current customers is to offer and pitch reordering. The customer already knows they like it, they will need more of it in the future and your business has come through and provided it before. Reordering can be a win for everyone.

Recently viewed products

As per our 6+ years experience in the eCommerce industry, our analysis and survey suggest that customers are more likely to revisit the previous products and buy them. It increases chances that a customer saw the products he visited recently and purchase one instantly.

Store credit

Store credit is kind of personalized incentives that add value to the buying experience.
Competition and price-shopping are common reasons that customers switch companies because of many online options available. No need to go one place to another place through the local shop.
Up until now, shop owners were using coupons, points and one-time use codes for consumer incentives and still continue, but it’s time to move on and add value to the customer through direct store credit based on his/her buying experience.

Customer Dashboards as a Service, Why, What, How, and What Research Is Needed?

The reasons for this app development and explains what customer dashboards are, how to use them, what drives their adoption, and which kind of research is needed to fully exploit their potential. Overcoming the challenges faced in customer dashboard development and operation provides many opportunities for marketing to exercise a stronger influence on store owner decisions.

Increase Customer retention through Flits!

Although there is significant evidence that customer satisfaction is an important driver of online store profitability. On the basis of longitudinal analyses of large-scale from multiple sources, we believe that customer satisfaction boosts the efficiency of future advertising and promotion investments. Customer satisfaction generates free word-of-mouth advertising and saves subsequent marketing costs.

Why Flits?

We tried to implement the system for delivering multiple features to customers via a centralized customer dashboard.It will help you to generate word-of-mouth advertising through customer satisfaction and saves subsequent marketing cost.

Built to perfection, Keep your customer happy through flits!

Coming Soon!

Return Manager

Campaign Manager

Master Admin for Shopify Plus


especially for you homedecor

Lit Up Illuminations

Lakeshore Importers



Flits - Upgrade Customer Account Page reviews

47 reviews
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FLITS has been great to work with. As with any app... some almost do the same things as others. Flits was free to start which is great for the Reordering and customer management alone. I was using two other versions of "store credit" but they both had not as nice an interface as Flits.
Ultimately, I was going to be stuck using a differnet credit system, because it was the only one that worked with a Store Pick Up Delivery type app. Yet... Flits came to the rescue last night and was able to get their store credit code to work with the pick ups!
another big bonus for flits? it's James in Nashville Tenn. Flits has a built in chat feature in the app and if you have ever tried to get in touch with your app's customer service, you will know how much of a sticking point this can be. James is always quick to respond and keeps me posted working in the back ground with his team to solve problems.
I couldn't have asked for anything more and it was greatly unexpected with the customer support they have given me.
I am excited and hopeful that Flits continues to add features for our stores, so I can really use it as a 1 stop shop type of app.
best of luck with your platforms - wholesomenova


Amazing, easy to use program, back by helpful staff!!!


Super app for a great customer account. Easy to use, easy to customize. the wishlist and the recently viewed is a great addition to the app! So far I love it !


Great support, great app, great account page for my customers, I'd always prefer to use Flits rather than any other account page provided by themes.


Great backstage personal center.


This app was a great addition to my shopify page. The tech support team is awesome. They answered all of my questions quickly and accurately through their chat system.


so far so good! very responsive and helpful customer service.


Excellent, quick customer service and great app!


Amazing App, I appreciate their support which they provide online, was talking to James.
You guys are great.

Great Help!!!!


Great app, makes everything easier. The customers doesn't have to email us questions about the order and therefore makes it a lot easier. The Flits team even helped me fix bugs very quickly. They respond very fast as well. Highly recommended app!

From $0.00 / month

New pricing plan

  • Basic - FREE ( < 1000 customers)
  • Advance - $5/month ( < 5000 customers)
  • Professional - $10/month ( < 25000 customers)
  • Enterprise - Contact us ( unlimited customers )

We offer a 'Free Forever' plan with all features included
✔️ Amazing customer account page with classic look
✔️ Change password for customers
✔️ Allow customer to update extra information i.e. birthday & gender.

Grow your business through paid add-ons.

(Free Trial: 30 days)

1. Store Credit
2. Wishlist
3. Social Login
4. Multipass for Shopify plus

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