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Flow-Flow Social Stream - Social Feed Aggregator

Flow-Flow Social Stream - Social Feed Aggregator

Developed by Looks Awesome

Price: $4.99 – $34.99 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • One app to aggregate and publish all your social media accounts.
  • Boost your followers, likes and shares.
  • Join 15,000+ others who already enjoy Flow-Flow on WordPress.

Flow-Flow Social Stream App is a premium social media app to aggregate and publish social feeds in a beautiful responsive walls and galleries. Make any combinations of social feeds with Flow-Flow! For example, you can have Facebook feed, Instagram feed and Twitter feed mixed in the same stream. There are 14 stream sources and 40+ feed types including hashtag, like feeds, regular posts and more! And not only yours but any public feed can be displayed on your Shopify website with no effort.

Flow-Flow Social Stream remains the best seller among the competing plugins for WordPress since 2016. More than 15,000 active installations with a five-star user rating. And we are happy to announce that Flow-Flow comes to Shopify! Read our announcement

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Supported Social Feeds

Flow-Flow supports 14 stream sources including 13 popular social networks + RSS. There are 40+ different feed types in total. This is huge! Imagine you can use the only one app instead of all those different mono network feed apps. And you get fantastic unified design of all those different type of content including regular posts, image or videos. Your social media wall will look amazing with no exceptions!

  • Facebook: any public page with public posts, public albums (more to go).

  • Twitter: home timeline, user feed, search* including hashtags, user lists, likes feed.

  • Instagram: public user media posts by username, hashtag, location. 4th April API changes are currently supported but this is subject to changes due to rapid changes on Instagram side.

  • YouTube: user, channels, search, public playlist.

  • Google+: any public profile.

  • Pinterest: public user or board.

  • Vimeo: public videos of user, album, channel and like feed of user.

  • SoundCloud: public playlists.

  • LinkedIn: company updates and jobs (since recent API changes you must be admin of company page to stream it).

  • Foursquare: location tips, location photos.

  • Flickr: public user photos, photos by tag.

  • Dribbble: public posts of user, likes of user.

  • Tumblr: photo posts (will be more types in future).

  • RSS: any valid RSS feed. ATOM format is not supported.

* Twitter Search API restricts getting tweets older than a week.

Key Features

  • Seamless API connection — Connect Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare with one click! Other networks are incoming.

  • Automatic content filters — Excluding posts by word, by username, by URL. Clean your stream from trolls and spam!

  • Pre-moderation system — You can preview posts before publish. Protect your stream from unwanted content.

  • Social sharing buttons — Drive the interaction and user involvement!

  • All popular Social Networks — And their number is growing (based on popular requests).

  • Smart server caching — Streams are loaded almost instantly. No need to load data every time.

  • Cosy and powerful admin panel — Intuitive and clean interface with live preview.

  • Lightbox galleries — Fantastic look with attractive animations. Smart media preloading.

  • Highly customizable — Change colors, use pre-defined presets, build own single card design etc.

  • Sorting and search bar — Let your visitors to find specific posts or sort content by sources.

  • Enjoyable interaction — Beautiful animations and hover effects.

  • Smart resource loading — Script and styles are loaded only when stream is detected on page.

  • 100% Responsive layout — Adjusts to different container sizes. With swipes support for sliding on mobile devices.

Incredible Fast on Any Device

Smart caching with background server task allows to deliver content blazingly fast without slow page loading. It's especially crucial when many networks are pulled or you have big traffic. The app is responsive and works well on mobile devices. It's great to use this app for streaming your news, product photos, video, testimonials and any other purpose you can imagine! When only one network is not enough!

Secure and Reliable

Flow-Flow doesn't expose your private details (like tokens, app IDs and app secrets) to browser and keeps it on server. We provide 100% security for any sensitive data. The app provides monitoring tools so you can see status of all your connected feeds and easily troubleshoot issues.

Moderate your social media feeds with this Shopify app excluding posts by URL, by username, by words. Broadcast your news, make portfolio, display client testimonials by your company's hashtag etc. Keep your content under control or let it flows automatically.

How App Works

When you create streams in Flow-Flow admin page of your shop you get generated code. Then you copy and paste the code in any block on any page of your Shopify store using template editor. Learn more

Design Your Stream

Flow-Flow provides a great design customization of your social media streams. Select your layout from mansory, justified or grid of same-height cards. Build your card template with help of drag&drop. Style cards and the whole stream fast and easily. Even your grandmother can do!

How Multiple Social Feeds Work

First of all you can create multiple streams. The magic thing is that you then add as much social feeds from one or different networks as you want (according to your plan). For example, you want to include in one stream 3 twitter accounts, 1 Instagram hashtag, 2 YouTube feeds and 5 Facebook feeds. No problem!

Admin panel provides clear indication of important stuff and is very convenient. You can easily manage your social media streams from one compact list.

Key Benefits

  • Bring more user-generated content to your site and use all the possibilities of a shared content. Stream your news, photos, user testimonials or run a hashtag campaign on your website!
  • With Flow-Flow you should not spend separate time and effort managing your social profiles on your Shopify website. Automatic posting of all your content has been already delivered!
  • Your website means your own rules. Flow-Flow makes the customization process as clear and simple as possible. You do not need any web development skills to change colors, fonts, sizes, margins and paddings, layouts and lots of other design features. Everything is available through an intuitive interface of a visual drag&drop builder.
  • Flow-Flow provides with a seamless opportunity to have a one-click connection with the most popular APIs via our own network applications. Clicking just one button on the admin panel opens all the content on Instagram platform — no special knowledge or skills required to use the app.
  • Now you can engage your subscribers to visit your website and vice versa. A perfect combination of features from social network and Shopify platform will provide ample opportunities to develop your personal or corporate brand. Let visitors share your content with social media buttons integration and grow your social capital!

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Very Honest Review Here

Just Wow. Anyone who knows Shopify knows they are less the two way social experience and core e-commerce 3.0 to the bone. Flow-Flow brings the flow into your store by lighting it up with the amazing social feeds you love. With all popular integrations and quite a few rare ones, Flow-Flow allows you to aggregate content in Hi-Res even! To also be very clear the support is there on every level, whether its API, Site embedding, etc. My only complaint is that I can't give it 6 stars. Big shot out to Looks Awesome, keep going guys.


Awesome App & Customer Service!

This app not only did exactly what I needed, but had also best customer service that I have encountered for a Shopify app/expert. I have worked with multiple clients with their Shopify sites and I have had to use other apps. I was very nervous not have someone to speak with over the phone especially when there was no reviews.

I did need some assistance with setup because I was working on my developer account. I reach out via email and I received a reply with an hour or so. Peter was able to fix an issues I had with setup quickly. Even after my account was setup, Peter noticed that I another issue and actually reached out to me BEFORE I had the chance to and in moments it was fixed.

I would suggest this app to any store or blog. This is perfect if you are trying to drive to traffic to your website. I don't know about you, but as a social media manager and "content consumer" I get a headache trying to keep up with finding new content with multiple social media platforms. Sites like Hootsuite are great for finding content to schedule, but when you don't have time to check your computer 50 times a day, Flow-Flow provides followers and/or customers with almost real-time updates (app updates your stream every 30 minutes) from feeds that fit with your niche/audience the most.

$4.99 – $34.99 / month

Basic — $4.99 / month

- Up to 5 data feeds
- Unlimited streams

Standard — $14.99 / month

- Up to 20 data feeds
- Unlimited streams
- Pre-moderation
- 7 days free trial

Top — $34.99 / month

- Up to 50 data feeds
- Unlimited streams
- Pre-moderation

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