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1. marts 2023

Needed to differentiate between POS and online customers via a tagging system. All apps that would do this required payment but this is done automatically via flows for free! Thanks!

Clues Fashion
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Shopify svarede 9. marts 2023

Great, thanks for the review!

20. oktober 2022

great app, makes Shopify the greatest e-commerce CMS so far. but come on, send me an e-mail or a slack alert when a flow script makes an error !

Aventure bio
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8. oktober 2021

The recent updates to Shopify Flow have made it a much more comprehensive option for automation, with access to tons of variables and triggers as well as connections to many third party apps. The user experience has also been improved, giving it a clean and easy to use interface. Shopify Flow can be your virtual employee with an attention to detailed unrivaled by anyone.

Russo Music
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 9 måneder
7. oktober 2021

In my opinion Flow is the single most valuable aspect of Shopify Plus! The biggest limitation of Flow is your imagination and the things I've been able to automate have been game-changers for our operations. One aspect I never expected was how affective Flow is in helping me build safety-nets and redundancies for problems that would go unseen without it. Probably my favourite app.

Landyachtz Skateboards
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6. oktober 2021

The new version of Flow is terrific - a huge improvement over the prior one. I am able to get much more granular with the field selections, and the flows themselves offer better complexity while keeping the interface simple.
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: 10 måneder
6. oktober 2021

The new version of Flow is fantastic! The drag and drop canvas UI is much more intuitive than the previous linear version. We use Flow to automate many repetitive tasks like capturing payments after fraud review, sending pick lists, and sending triggered emails based on certain conditions (via webhook).

Nanoleaf Shop USA
Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka 4 år
10. september 2021

We use flow and it is basic but does the job. When is the new flow available? We are on the original app and I don't see any way to upgrade.

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Næsten 3 år
25. januar 2020

The Flow App helps us automate our new customer thank you cards and fulfillment. Simple, fast, and super powerful. 10/10.

Feature request: being able to add new product costs to orders. In the example of our thank you cards, it would be fantastic if we could add a set dollar amount extra to the COGS for that order. Then all our accounting would essentially be done in Shopify :)

Fair Felt
10. januar 2020

Great feature that comes with Shopify Plus as we played around with the feature while on the plan. Look forward to being back on!

Tid tilbragt med at bruge appen: Cirka en måned
9. august 2019

Great so far. Would be great if there were more product filters on the order level. Also integrating with other email partners would be ideal.

BH Cosmetics
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