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25. januar 2020

The Flow App helps us automate our new customer thank you cards and fulfillment. Simple, fast, and super powerful. 10/10.

Feature request: being able to add new product costs to orders. In the example of our thank you cards, it would be fantastic if we could add a set dollar amount extra to the COGS for that order. Then all our accounting would essentially be done in Shopify :)

Fair Felt
10. januar 2020

Great feature that comes with Shopify Plus as we played around with the feature while on the plan. Look forward to being back on!

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9. august 2019

Great so far. Would be great if there were more product filters on the order level. Also integrating with other email partners would be ideal.

BH Cosmetics
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21. marts 2019

I used app,Great app and Free,
I like only Free,I would like to give 5 stars,Thank You.

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18. juni 2018

Super app.. Gør mange ting meget bedre

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14. februar 2018

Amazing app! I have cut out so many manual tasks with it. Make sure that you look at the Help Page for Flow, as it provides many downloads for some pretty amazing workflows! Check out their page here:
You can find more on Trello...

Urban Farmhouse Dallas
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31. oktober 2017

Awesome app! Amazingly simple, visual interface with so much potential. Functionality is a bit limited, but it's a brand new app. I have nothing but high hopes for the future of Flow!

Corporate Apparel
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25. september 2017

Excellent app. Allows us to automate some tasks. Why not replace boring repetitive tasks with software?

Would like to see some more options and triggers in the future. Great start.

Tesalate Towels
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