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Modifié le 2 septembre 2023

I had some issues with the app at first, but Paul came in and helped me set up everything correctly. The app runs smoothly and fulfills my orders automatically.

Liftmas Tree
22 jours d’utilisation de l’application
22 septembre 2023

The app is full of bugs. I need to reach out to support every time I create a new flow and they realize that the there are errors with the template variables.

Llama Naturals
7 mois d’utilisation de l’application
Shopify a répondu 7 novembre 2023

Hi, thanks for your review. We tried repeatedly to reach out to you to better understand any defects you might have encountered. Flow takes quality and reliability seriously and there are no known issues with template variables.

24 novembre 2023

This app is just perfect! I used it to tag products if they're available in one location, and sold out in the other one. I installed it and had it working perfectly after 2 hours! I'm impressed, this opens so many opportunities which would otherwise only be possible with deep programming or expensive apps for each case. Wow Shopify, Flow is an incredible extension for Shopify!!!

Environ 4 heures d’utilisation de l’application
Shopify a répondu 28 novembre 2023

Thanks for the kind words, we think is a super-power for many merchants!

12 août 2023

I'm relatively new but I am very impressed so far. I was looking for a way to automatically tag a customer when they purchased a specific product, and it took about 5 minutes of figuring out where the information was I wanted, and hey presto, exactly the automation I need. I'm delighted.

Sandwich Glass Museum
27 minutes d’utilisation de l’application
6 octobre 2021

The new version of Flow is fantastic! The drag and drop canvas UI is much more intuitive than the previous linear version. We use Flow to automate many repetitive tasks like capturing payments after fraud review, sending pick lists, and sending triggered emails based on certain conditions (via webhook).

Nanoleaf Shop USA
Environ 4 ans d’utilisation de l’application
9 août 2019

Great so far. Would be great if there were more product filters on the order level. Also integrating with other email partners would be ideal.

BH Cosmetics
Plus de 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
Shopify a répondu 8 mars 2024

Thank you for the review. For anyone reading this, Flow can access essentially all product data now.

7 octobre 2021

In my opinion Flow is the single most valuable aspect of Shopify Plus! The biggest limitation of Flow is your imagination and the things I've been able to automate have been game-changers for our operations. One aspect I never expected was how affective Flow is in helping me build safety-nets and redundancies for problems that would go unseen without it. Probably my favourite app.

Landyachtz Skateboards
Plus de 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
10 septembre 2021

We use flow and it is basic but does the job. When is the new flow available? We are on the original app and I don't see any way to upgrade.

Presque 3 ans d’utilisation de l’application
14 février 2018

Amazing app! I have cut out so many manual tasks with it. Make sure that you look at the Help Page for Flow, as it provides many downloads for some pretty amazing workflows! Check out their page here:
You can find more on Trello...

Urban Farmhouse Dallas
Plus d'un an d’utilisation de l’application
Modifié le 26 avril 2023

This app is great and useful. Shopify migrated things around and then provided crappy support on it after it migrated. Not to the fault of the app developer, they emailed me to tell me of the new fix. Happy with this app and it saves me time. I now know to reach out to the app developer and not Shopify for help from now on.

Kpop Omo
Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application
Shopify a répondu 9 mars 2023

Hi, thanks for the feedback. Flow's manual run "bulk" feature still works but you need to be on a resource list like Orders, Products, or Customers. Once you select something, Flow's Run Flow Automation link will be available under the "..." icon in the black toolbar.