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Redigerat 22 februari 2024

how do i get support for this app ??????? shopify make it impossible to contact them
the description is very confusing and there is no way to contacts shopify app to get support on this app , PLEASE HELP !!!!!!!!!!
this is an update to the original review that was one star and i change it to 3 star since Paul managed to help me with some of the queries , however its still very hard to do straight forward task , i actually used React flow to create some of the more advanced flows , so i am updating this to 3 stars only due to Paul that he really went out of his way to help me, however the system is not user friendly ,

NYCK - New York City Kicks
3 månader användning av appen
Shopify svarade 28 november 2023

You can see how to contact support in emails you've gotten from Shopify but also in the Settings / Plan area in the Admin. For Flow specifically, we do provide support through the community forums:

13 juli 2024

Nice for simple things, but missing many really useful Triggers and Webhook like Product type or template

Fountain Pen Hospital
31 minuter användning av appen
Shopify svarade 15 juli 2024

Hi, thanks for trying out Flow. It's unclear what kind of trigger you would want for "product type" or "template". If you mean that you want to update those things, Flow can do that using the Send Admin API request action calling "productUpdate".

1 oktober 2019

I used this app to help me to control inventory. It could be great if it can do 1 more step by linking to Shopify location. It means that it can have a flow / feature to reassign order location based on a rule setting. It will be perfect to manage inventory in multi-location . can you pls develop it?

Mer än 4 år användning av appen
Shopify svarade 8 mars 2024

Thanks for the review. For anyone reading this, Flow does support accessing inventory per location.

30 juli 2019

Started using this and looks very useful. BUT not supported by many other apps in the marketplace which lets it down as it has lots of potential. I want to score it 3.5 but can only score 3 or 4, so scoring 3.

Live Better With Staging Cancer
Mer än 2 år användning av appen
9 maj 2018

It is good but would be better if you could add a trigger for order cancelled

Glo Box
Nästan 2 år användning av appen
12 augusti 2022

Works well and is reliable, but I wish it could do more. It always feels it can do 90% of what you want it to, but that last 10% is just out of reach. I find the date based triggers to be severely limited (e.g. each day at this time do X, remove tag on this date date, etc.). App is a great starting point and could be very useful if they build out its capability a bit more.

Partake Brewing
4 månader användning av appen
14 oktober 2022

Flow is classic Shopify. It's usable but mostly frustrating. It does some things but not generally enough things. It's slow. It's clunky. It breaks a lot. There's not enough documentation for it. At least it's free.

3 månader användning av appen
9 mars 2020

Very basic automation. It desperately needs the trigger ”order tagged” or a delay between triggers, which would help a lot!

Ungefär en månad användning av appen
29 oktober 2022

Incredibly basic and does not offer anything I was looking for.
(Send email to customer after X days for example)
12 dagar användning av appen
Shopify svarade 29 oktober 2022

Hi, thanks for the review. You may want to take another look - Flow is powering the experience under Marketing > Automations, where you will find the ability to email Customers.