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关于 Shopify Flow

备注: 此应用仅面向 Shopify Plus 客户提供。

Shopify Flow 是一个电子商务自动化平台,可帮助您重新分配时间,专注于发展业务。借助 Flow,您可以轻松地在商店内和应用间自动执行任务并发挥创意。

从立即可开始使用的模板库中进行选择,或者使用可视化构建器为您的业务自定义工作流程。让 Flow 完成这些工作,以便您可以在更短的时间内完成更多工作。

以下是 Flow 可以帮助您实现自动化的一些业务领域: 
# 买家体验 - 在收到负面评论时创建支持票证 - 以电子表格的形式跟踪负面产品评论 - 发送每日热门搜索和结果通知


  • 根据购买行为标记客户,实现个性化营销
  • 按总支出级别整理客户
  • 标记和跟踪订购样品的客户的转化情况
  • 跟踪退款产品金额超过 100 美元的客户


  • 在库存量较低并在商店中销售该产品时收到通知 根据库存水平隐藏和展示产品
  • 为新产品提供标准化的标记


  • 向 Asana 中添加需要审核的高风险订单
  • 在获取款项之前发送高风险订单通知
  • 取消高风险订单并将相关商品重新入库


  • 将国际订单添加到电子表格中
  • 向物流团队发送加急运输通知


  • 为向愿望清单添加产品这一行为奖励忠诚度积分
  • 客户面临风险时启动赢回电子邮件序列


  • 向超过 100 美元的订单添加免费礼品卡
  • 在第二笔订单后通过短信发送折扣码
  • 在第三笔订单后邮寄手写的便条

可与 Flow 配合使用的应用:
Algolia、Asana、Back in Stock、Bond、Bronto、Bulk Discounts、Callback、、dotdigital、Edit Order、GiftWizard、Google Sheets、Gorgias、In Stock Alerts、Klaviyo、Loox、LoyaltyLion、Nosto、NS8 Protect、Persosa、Pre-order Manager、、SMS Bump、Stamped Reviews、Swell Rewards、Tapcart、Tobi、Trello、Wholesale channel、Yotpo


  • Slack,
  • Trello,
  • Google Sheets,
  • Asana,
  • Email




4.2 评分


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Femme Detox

Very useful app for automation such as customer and order tagging. My only complaint so far is that there are not order-related actions for fulfillment. For example, "if an order product type is X and fulfillment status shows as "partially fulfilled"> ACTION mark line item as "Fulfilled". Please add this feature! This would be incredibly useful for us. Another feature that would help is if there were "actions" related to products for bundling purposes. For example we have a product in our store that is a bundle composed of individual skus. The bundle has its own SKU and when ordered Shiphero shows the component skus in the bundle to our 3PL. Ideally, we could have a workflow that also does this in shopify. For example: If order contains X (bundle SKU product) ACTION replace with these items. This would allow us to accurately track the single SKU components sales within shopify.

Russo Music

The recent updates to Shopify Flow have made it a much more comprehensive option for automation, with access to tons of variables and triggers as well as connections to many third party apps. The user experience has also been improved, giving it a clean and easy to use interface. Shopify Flow can be your virtual employee with an attention to detailed unrivaled by anyone.

Landyachtz Skateboards

In my opinion Flow is the single most valuable aspect of Shopify Plus! The biggest limitation of Flow is your imagination and the things I've been able to automate have been game-changers for our operations. One aspect I never expected was how affective Flow is in helping me build safety-nets and redundancies for problems that would go unseen without it. Probably my favourite app.