Take advantage of Fnac reputation to distribute your catalog.

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Orders management

Import Fnac orders directly into your Shopify admin.

Offers management

Export, update and synchronize your offers automatically.


Manage your products on the different Fnac platforms: France, Belgium, Spain and Portugal.

Om Fnac

With the Fnac application you reach a captive and targeted audience, you quickly develop your sales of your articles.


The Fnac application allows you to :

  • to import commands from Fnac
  • to update the commands on Fnac
  • to send your offer updates on Fnac

This application was created to avoid the repetitive and tedious tasks of updating and importing orders in your Shopify admin.

Quick and easy setup

You take out a professional contract at the Fnac marketplace, install the application, create your products and start selling on the marketplace.

The integration is practical and easy, you configure the application, your export becomes automatic, so you don't have any more data to manipulate. Your orders are automatically imported and updated when you add a tracking number to the order.

The application offers a multitude of functionalities, conditional export, price increases, inclusions and exclusions of categories/products/manufacturers...


The application does not create your products. To create the products, contact your Fnac sales advisor who will provide you with an Excel product creation file. You will need to fill in the product creation file using the CSV file generated by Shopify (Products tab > All products, then Export). Once the products have been created, the application will be able to update them automatically.

The products are synchronized and updated via the SKU (Stock Control Unit) field of your products and variants. Make sure to use this field when creating your products.

Legal notice

The Fnac brand is a registered trademark of the Fnac Darty group. The use of logos and trademarks does not imply any advertising or promotion. The distribution of this application does not bind the Fnac Darty group, which has no contractual relationship with the company Common-Services.



  • Integritetspolicy
  • support.fnac-app@common-services.com

Prissättning 7-dagars gratis testversion

All included


eller $16.67/månad faktureras kl $199.99 en gång per år

49.99 setup fee.

  • Update of offers
  • Importing orders
  • Updating orders
  • No commissions on sales
  • No hidden fees
  • Dedicated support

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** Återkommande avgifter, inklusive månads- eller användningsbaserade avgifter, debiteras var 30:e dag.

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