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12. Mai 2024

The user-friendly interface of Fodane makes it easy even for non-tech savvy store owners to navigate and use. It’s a well-designed app that makes managing an online store a breeze

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11. Mai 2024

Fodane has been instrumental in boosting my store’s sales. Its upselling and cross-selling features are top-notch, providing personalized product recommendations that have increased my average order value. The email collection popup is also a great tool for building a strong customer base.

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21. April 2024

Shopping with Fodane is always a smooth experience. The app is well-designed and easy to use.

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20. April 2024

Fodane is fast and efficient. I setup the app on my store in 30 mins. Ali Express review import is amazing and really fast. Very efficient.

See Store
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12. Mai 2024

Fodane has transformed my online store into a sales powerhouse. Its cart urgency and stock urgency features create a sense of urgency among customers, driving them to make quick purchasing decisions. This has resulted in a significant boost in sales.

MiniStride Shoes
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3. April 2024

The Fodane app is incredibly user-friendly. The interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, making shopping a breeze.

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21. April 2024

Fodane is a revenue-boosting powerhouse. Its features are designed to maximize profits while ensuring a smooth shopping experience for customers.

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13. Mai 2024

Fodane is a reliable and effective app for e-commerce businesses. It offers a suite of features that are designed to boost sales and improve the overall shopping experience. I highly recommend it to any online store owner.

Enchantress Essentials
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7. April 2024

Fodane's upselling techniques are subtle yet effective, leading to increased sales without compromising the customer experience.

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1. Februar 2024

Fodane has transformed our online store into a sales powerhouse. Its cart urgency and stock urgency features have created a sense of urgency that drives customers to make quick purchasing decisions, resulting in a significant sales boost.
Moreover, Fodane's email collection capabilities have been invaluable in building a strong customer base and fostering long-term relationships.
In short, Fodane is a must-have Shopify app for any e-commerce store looking to supercharge sales and grow their customer list. It's a game-changer that we highly recommend!

Beauti Natura
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