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Fomo - Social Proof Marketing

Fomo - Social Proof Marketing

Developed by Fomo

179 reviews
Price: $29.00 – $199.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Increase purchase conversions by highlighting what other customers are doing
  • Display orders, product reviews, and more in real-time to build credibility
  • Leverage social proof and create urgency for visitors to discover new products

170+ 5-star Reviews! Fomo is The First and Most Powerful Social Proof Platform for Increasing Conversions. ★★★★★

More than 4,500 businesses use Fomo to increase conversions and create social proof.

How it Works

Fomo displays recent orders, product reviews, and a variety of other customer behaviors on your storefront. It creates the online equivalent of a busy restaurant, showing prospective customers that other people are buying your products.

Want to show off more than just Shopify orders? No problem. Fomo integrates with Zapier, Mailchimp, Instagram, and 100's of your other favorite apps to display newsletter subscribers, photos, and more.

*NEW FEATURES -- May 2018*
Added 16 seasonal themes, from Christmas to Black History Month, inside the theme builder. Integrate with ReferralCandy in 1 click to show off recent reward redemptions.

*NEW FEATURES -- April 2018*
Introducing template level "rules" for granular control over notification details. Coming soon: "add to cart" notifications.

*NEW FEATURES -- March 2018*
Grow your traffic with Fomo Publishers, our new advertising network. Read the announcement.

*NEW FEATURES -- February 2018*
Enable "Window Shopping" to let visitors add items to their cart, directly from a Fomo notification (no redirects!). View a demo.

*NEW FEATURES -- December 2017*
Connect your Slack channel to share Fomo ROI with the team. Support for custom webhooks and instant search for integrations in our brand new directory.

*NEW FEATURES -- November 2017*
Show off live traffic counts, ie "102 people are active on our site right now," in a single click. Also introducing our latest integrations with ViralSweep (a Shopify app) and Infusionsoft.

*NEW FEATURES -- October 2017*
Introducing Fomo Roundups - "meta" insights about your traffic and sales. Show messages like "37 people bought this in the last few hours" without any special setup.

*NEW FEATURES -- September 2017*
Get more clicks by making the entire notification a button - add default URLs for non-Shopify integrations, and leverage Page Rules 2.0 to curate custom browsing experiences.

*NEW FEATURES -- August 2017*
Now supporting product variants, customer avatars, and our latest release "Broadcast" which posts recent activity on your Facebook Fan Page wall (optional).

*HUGE UPDATE -- July 2017*
We rebuilt Fomo from scratch -- this brand new version has more features and tools to help with conversions than ever before.

*NEW FEATURES -- June 2017*
Automatic location detection shows the most relevant notifications to each of your visitors, and you now have the option to use the customer's avatar instead of a product's image.

*NEW FEATURES -- May 2017*
Introducing Fomo Instant, the easiest way to turn any web form on your store (or blog, etc) into live notifications. Also, 4 new notification positions and animations.

*NEW FEATURES -- April 2017*
Tired of Shopify apps permissions? Now you can invite team members, who can log into Fomo with an email/password, externally. Do you sell gifts? You can finally merge in {{ recipient_name }} to your notifications!

*NEW FEATURES -- March 2017*
Need help, without the wait? We now have dedicated live chat, 10 hours per day (9a - 7p EST) and part time on weekends. Just click the message window in the bottom right corner of your Fomo dashboard.

Combine multiple Shopify stores on a single account! This also provides instant access to our Zapier integration, visual theme editor, and more.

Integrations with Stamped.io product reviews add-on and Shoelace, so you can turn recent sales into dynamic retargeting ads on Facebook. Brick & mortar store? We now also support Shopify POS.

Low on sales? Now you can recommend products directly inside your notifications. We also support top-middle and bottom-middle positions, for those of you with other apps that need to be in the corner.

Don't know the best settings for your store? Fomo now incorporates machine learning algorithms to provide instant recommendations to increase clicks and sales.

We redesigned Fomo from the ground up, and now integrate directly with your Google Analytics account to show you exactly how many sales, and at what conversion rate, Fomo drives for your store.

Multi-language support! Customize your messages in any language, and the timestamps (ie: 5 minutes ago, etc) will also work in your preferred language.

Integrate directly with Yotpo or Judge.me to show product reviews in real-time! Filter reviews by star count, approval, and more.

After just 30 days, our customer (Pura Vida Bracelets) achieved...

  • Additional revenue of $32,260.52

  • 983 sales directly attributed to Fomo

  • 13.97% conversion rate, 203% higher than site average

  • Average order size of $32.81, which is ~11% higher than their store average

  • Read the full case study here

See a Fomo Customer Store Here!

You know how seeing a packed restaurant makes you want to eat there? Fomo creates the same dynamic on your Shopify store.

There's a reason Fomo is the most popular Shopify app for increasing sales and conversions. Here's why:

  • Highly customizable: you can choose to display every order, some orders, or only orders from a certain time period. This means that Fomo will work for you, even if you don't have many orders!

  • Track conversions by connecting directly to Google Analytics (optional)

  • Store owners can position Fomo in any corner (bottom left, bottom right, top left, top right) - whatever works best for your store!

  • FAST. Fomo is lightweight and built to scale, so it won't slow down your site (which can hurt your Google rankings)

  • Fully customizable CSS animations and colors

  • Works on mobile! Choose how your notifications are displayed on mobile, or turn them off for mobile devices

  • Randomize notification delays for a more life-like experience.

  • Hide Fomo from specific pages

  • Remove individual notifications

  • Hide specific products from Fomo by tagging them with 'fomo-ignore'

  • See users interact with your notifications in real time via our analytics dashboard

  • Store still young but growing? No worries - you can loop notifications and even disable the "time ago" notification!

  • Customize the message, style, position and timing to suit your branding

Encourage Purchases: Create an exciting, live, trusted atmosphere.

Increase your sales and start your free Fomo trial now!

If for any reason you don't LOVE Fomo, just cancel and you will not be charged.

Fomo - Social Proof Marketing reviews

179 reviews
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We've definitely seen the benefits of having the Fomo widget showing social proof on our site. We get a ton of feedback from customers stating that they love seeing the slideout messages showing other purchases and reviews.

At PNWJourney.com, we love it because it's super easy to work with and very flexible. We're able to have not only purchases and reviews, but newsletter signups, contest winner announcements, and basically any custom event we can think of. We highly recommend Fomo.


Love this app, it really helps sales of my products


While you probably could go cheap and get a similar app for a smaller fee, the FOMO app is 100% the best in its category.

The integrations and the reports alone worth the time and money and with so many options to optimise the App it's one of the must-have app's to drive further conversations on your Shopify store.


Virker super *************** nemt hurtig :)


Fonctionne très bien. Je l'utilise depuis 1 an et demi. En revanche je ne saurais dire si ça apporte vraiment des conversions.


Loving the popup, not only giving social proof but also presenting bestselling products all the time


I've had Fomo installed for more than a year now.
I still can't confirm that it's a must have or not.

I feel like a victim of the FOMO if I'm not using FOMO.
So I keep it installed.

If I look at the stats I get on the Fomo Dashboard:
200 000 views - 3 sales from those views.

Not really efficient at converting people into customers.
But I know that I can use Fomo in sync with Shoelace and retarget visitors on Facebook.

I think it's the only reason I keep it.


Great app with lightning-speed-support. These guys work hard and constantly update the app with brilliant new features. www.JackiesChocolate.com


Great app with AWESOME support! A lot of integrations, customization. I do recommend this app.


FOMO was the first app I installed upon building the site, because to me, installing FOMO is a no brainer as the social proof will definitely increase your ROI. Did my research and chose FOMO as it has the nicest interface and a cool suppor team behind it. If you want ROI, install FOMO.

$29.00 – $199.00 / month

You have 7 full days to try out the app for FREE. All features are included on the $29 plan, but some users pay more for millions of notifications (Fomo does volume-based billing).

7 days

Support & Sales

+1 (646) 586 9408
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