Shortening the buying process with visual search

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Increase Conversion Rate

Increase the conversion rate.

Increase average basket amount

Increase the average basket amount.

Understand the customer needs

Getting visual customer insights like when you never get.



A visual search engine for Shopify and Shopify Plus - an all-in-one application, a powerful recommendation engine that can increase and optimize the conversion rate and customer retention of your online store . The application is available for two languages, english and french.

We use advanced technologies based on artificial intelligence ( AI ) to ensure business features for affordable prices. Our Shopify search engine tracks your customers along the way with:

-An intelligent and instant search -Navigation in search results and collections -Personalization and "Machine Learning" -Analyzes and reports

Visual search : When your visitor searches for a product in your store, an instant responsive widget is displayed. The user clicks and starts his search. He is allowed to : Download an existing photo from his phone or computer Enter the URL of the desired product image

Once the client clicks on Search, the widget sends a message to our server and retrieves the list of similar products and shows the images with percentages of similarities compared to the desired product.

FOQUS AI allows you to:

  • Real-time product synchronization and catalog indexing
  • An analysis of all times
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Recommendation blocks that can be used on any page of your store as new products
  • Analysis and detailed reports on search queries
  • API documentation for developers






  • 1000 search request / mo
  • 5000 product images
  • Multi-position widget



  • Unlimited request
  • Unlimited product images
  • Multi-position widget
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Logs dashboard
  • Mobile version
  • Technical support

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

5.0 评分


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DIZY design

Very useful app to easily find a product without any effort just through images.
Also very easy to use.