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8. mai 2018

After spending almost 2 days to prepare the forms we needed, we saw that the way the forms look on page are so tiny that the customer needs to scroll tens of times to get to the bottom of the form.
We also submitted some forms in order to see if we receive them but none has been shown to be filled or none of them were also sent to our e-mail that we provided in the form setup page.
Total scam. Waste of our precious time. Don't use their products.

2 dager bruker appen svarte 12. mars 2019

We apologize for causing frustration. It would be better if you let us handle the form on our behalf. Our team of experts will gladly take care of your needs if you choose to use our app again.

Thank you :)

27. desember 2017

I spent 5 hours editing a form. I discovered a few things.

1. This is NOT an order form, it is a survey builder.
2. One wrong move and you have massive amounts of not-user-friendly editing. Lots and lots and lots of scrolling and copying and pasting to edit your mistake.
3. Little to no tutorial on how to create a form.
4. When the form is put in your shop, it is a tiny little space, and there is no amount of advanced CSS to make it bigger.

I will be going back to my original idea of making a pdf and having my customers use that method.

Jackson Pottery 2017
Rundt 4 timer bruker appen svarte 12. mars 2019

Hey there, just want to inform you that most of your above complaints have been rectified. We would love to have you back this time, we would like to help you create the form you desire.

Just reach out to us at, our team will take care of the rest.

28. november 2021

Useless if you want the possibility, that bigger files could be uploaded.
The information about the upload size should be displayed in the shopify app store.

Rundt 1 time bruker appen svarte 14. desember 2021

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your valuable review!
We are very sorry that parts of the app weren’t up to your expectations.
Our manager will be in contact with intentions to amend the issue you were having!

6. oktober 2018


Listed and promoted as a free app. Once Downloaded they ask for you to upgrade to complete the form. Crappy Crappy stuff guys. we are tired of fake sale and advertising pitches WHERE ARE THE HONEST BUSINESS NOW DAYS!

Belle Donne Clothing & Accessories
39 minutter bruker appen svarte 12. mars 2019

We're sorry if you felt that way. Our intention is always to give merchants all possible customization options (some are free to use, some requires upgrading).
You can check our Plans page within the app for complete details about what each plan has to offer.

Let us know if you're still not clear. Our team will gladly help you in setting your form. Thank you :)

27. mai 2018

Don't waste your time. This app is glitchy at best and horrific at worst. It doesn't work at all the way you envision. They need some better engineers.

49 Dzine
39 minutter bruker appen svarte 12. mars 2019

We're sorry your experience with our app was not up to the mark. We'll try harder to match your expectations and we hope you will give us another chance.

11. desember 2022

This app didn't work. I added the shortcode to the page and it never showed up. not an any page I tried

Living Pattern
30 minutter bruker appen svarte 15. desember 2022

Hi there, our dear merchant.
We have instantly reached out to you to assist you further and resolve any issues you might have faced.
Thank you!

2. april 2022

There is no fully functioning 7 day trial like there is with most apps, so you have to pay a month subscription to see if it will meet requirements, which in my case it didn't.

Blue Crocus Textiles
17 minutter bruker appen svarte 5. april 2022

Hi there!
Thank you for leaving us your valuable feedback.
I have asked our manager to contact you in order to amend the issues you were having with our app.